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Spring Joy in a Daffodil’s Nod

Spring seemed to takes its own sweet time this year; arriving late, leaving early, hopscotching around the Pacific Northwest in quick visits...
blooming crocus

Vashon Snow: After the Storm(s)

Like much of the country this winter, the Pacific Northwest succumbed mightily to the whims of wild weather. Our February, the coldest...

Vashon: At Home in a Snowglobe

Snow comes and goes in the Pacific Northwest, but it usually prevails at higher elevations, and leaves the shores of Puget Sound...

Hand Pies: From the Bottom of My Flakey Heart

Few symbols capture my heart like the heart. There’s no gray area here, no mistaken intent. Whether rendered in a doodle, decal,...

Sharon’s Bread-and-Butter Pickle Recipe

I love bread-and-butter pickles: not too sweet; not too sour; can stand on their own; and can dress up any sandwich worth its weight...

Christmas Time Is Here

Merry Christmas Friends and Happy Holidays to you and yours! Buddy and I have been plugging away here on the farm, tending to daily duties...

To the Everyday Heroes

One of the benefits of sporting a roadmap of wrinkles, carting around a bone bag of stiff joints, and having a fond memory of...

Summer Days on Vashon Island

My favorite season (I say that about the other three, too) is now greeting me with darkness when I roll out of bed around...
vashon island sponge cake with raspbrerries

Very Vashon Victoria Sponge Cake

I recently discovered Victoria sponge cake thanks the PBS program The Great British Baking Show, where Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood serve up tasty challenges to...

Lost and Found Old Garden Rose

This time of year, my morning ritual usually includes several cups of coffee, the reliable warmth of Buddy (my bulldog) laying at or on...