Warby Parker: Five Frames, One Face, One Vote{47}

broken eyewear Tom

2012: Before Warby Parker…Cracked plastic, broken glass and one unhappy camper.

Just last year, the plastic frames of my relatively new glasses cracked, sending the lens along with my spirits to the sidewalk below. Both fractured upon impact.  For three weeks I wore my back-up glasses, a woefully geeky pair of over-sized frames with scratched lenses that would have made even Steve Urkel balk. I finally received my replacement pair and life went on.

Tom in glued glasses

2013: Smile intact, but frame and lens held together by a prayer and gorilla glue.

What’s a Warby Parker?

One year later, the replacement glasses snapped in two in the very same spot, but this time I caught the lens before it hit the ground. Since most new prescription eyewear costs about the same as a mini cooper, what’s a man on a budget to do? After an evening of surfing the possibilities, I narrowed down my search to Warby Parker, a curiously-named company that offers cool glasses for a nice price ($95), and also donates one pair of glasses for every pair you buy. In addition, they’ll send you five pairs of frames to try on before you decide which is your numero uno spectacle.

So help a guy out, which amazingly similar frame do you like? Vote below.

Warby parker collage 3 pics1. Ainsworth                2. Ballard                   3. Beckett

Zagg Webb Warby Parker 4.  Webb                                                           5.  Zagg

Toms taped glasses edit

Here’s a classic look from 2009, electrical tape on the temples. My advice:  never set your glasses on the floor of a crowded yoga studio.