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Warby Parker: Five Frames, One Face, One Vote

Warby Parker: Five Frames, One Face, One Vote
broken eyewear Tom
2012: Before Warby Parker…Cracked plastic, broken glass and one unhappy camper.

Just last year, the plastic frames of my relatively new glasses cracked, sending the lens along with my spirits to the sidewalk below. Both fractured upon impact.  For three weeks I wore my back-up glasses, a woefully geeky pair of over-sized frames with scratched lenses that would have made even Steve Urkel balk. I finally received my replacement pair and life went on.

Tom in glued glasses
2013: Smile intact, but frame and lens held together by a prayer and gorilla glue.

What’s a Warby Parker?

One year later, the replacement glasses snapped in two in the very same spot, but this time I caught the lens before it hit the ground. Since most new prescription eyewear costs about the same as a mini cooper, what’s a man on a budget to do? After an evening of surfing the possibilities, I narrowed down my search to Warby Parker, a curiously-named company that offers cool glasses for a nice price ($95), and also donates one pair of glasses for every pair you buy. In addition, they’ll send you five pairs of frames to try on before you decide which is your numero uno spectacle.

So help a guy out, which amazingly similar frame do you like? Vote below.

Warby parker collage 3 pics1. Ainsworth                2. Ballard                   3. Beckett

Zagg Webb Warby Parker 4.  Webb                                                           5.  Zagg

Toms taped glasses edit

Here’s a classic look from 2009, electrical tape on the temples. My advice:  never set your glasses on the floor of a crowded yoga studio.


  1. I’m torn between Beckett and Zagg. Beckett is the hippest and most fun (in my humble opinion)….but Zagg fits your face the best. One key thing to look for, they say, is your eyes should rest in the center of the lenses, which yours do with Zagg. If Zagg came in black there would be no question.

  2. FYI in the future you can order glasses on line at zennihttp://www.zennioptical.com for as low as $7 a pair. You just need to know your prescription and pupillary distance. Good luck with the vote!

    • Thanks Kim, I haven’t ordered anything yet, so I’ll check out Zenni’s latest offerings. I think my new glue job can hold out a little longer.

      • Oh good! Zenni saved me bundles when my dogs were in their eat-all-the-things stage. You can go with the $6.99 option or up grade, I up graded to a pair of beautiful tortoise shell looking sun glasses with hollywood green colored shades- $36 .The trick is having your pupillary distance , it’s essential . Most eye doctors aren’t thrilled if you ask for it because they know you’re ordering online but if you bat your eyelashes at them they’ll cave.

  3. I’m a fan of Warby Parker, and I think you’re shopping at the right place. You look good in all the frames you chose, but I also like the look of a rounder frame like your replacement pair. . Have you tried on the Edgeworth? Cheers…

  4. Our waitress at a favorite local restaurant had the coolest orange eye glasses. When I asked her where she got them, she said Warby Parker. Can’t beat the price, either. It’s where I’ll be looking the next time I’m in need of frames.
    And, I’m a Zagg fan.

  5. warbyparker.com doesn’t do bifocals and progressives I see. Not much of a selection, either. I ordered glasses from orderyourglasses.com and they were great–made in Dallas, TX. They were great and I’ve worn them for over 2 years because my next glasses were a bit too strong for me. I even tried to order another pair like them because the finish is coming off and the finish on the lenses is wearing, but they no longer make them in progressives–too skinny! Next glasses were from zipoptical.com. They were great, too, but made in China. Cost me $88 for a pair of progressives with photochromic lenses and all the coatings (UV filter, anti-scratch, anti-reflective) plus a magnetic clip on sunglass to wear in the car because the car windows filter the UV lights and won’t let the photochromic lenses darken, plus a 2nd pair of clear single vision glasses for night driving. I have a pair of Polaroid bifocals for driving because the progressives sometimes bother me, turning my head so fast looking for traffic. That $88 for the 2 pair included s/h. I’ve got another pair ordered now from zip that has yet to arrive. It’s $80 and the frame is supposed to weigh only 9 grams! Can’t wait. It takes a couple weeks or so to get it from China. They take the orders in California.
    As for my vote? Sorry…. I’m abstaining!
    Forget the pair of glasses to donate and take care of your own eyes first. Give your old glasses to the Lions Club. Look at zip (or coastal or Lenses Rx or zenni, etc.) and pay attention to the width and length of the arm pieces. When you’re looking for frames, filter out all the ones you’re not interested in……. women’s, metal, plastic, colors, etc. I start off by choosing women, and progressives, because the lenses have to be tall enough to make progressive lenses for them.

    • Wow Ann, a lot of valuable info you provided. Thanks so much. Most local glasses are way too expensive so I love hearing about more reasonable options, and the Lions Club idea is a great tip. I do wear progressives so this is a deal breaker. Sorry Warby Darby, Parker Warker, I need to see the road and the speedometer; progressives it must be. On to plan B.

      • Glad I could help. Their website should have told you that BEFORE you get to the checkout!
        Some websites let you load your photo to virtually try on the glasses online.
        I just picked out colors, shapes and sizes in the brick and mortar stores, then hoped for the best after I checked the width of the frames and the length of the arms. Evidently, my ears are pretty far back! LOL!
        Good luck!

  6. Hi, Tom!

    I think the zaggs look the best on you.

    (I’m new-ish here and don’t comment often but I love your blog!)

    • Hey wait Ola, that wasn’t one of the choices. 😉 So the beard looks bad? Yeah I’m just going through a phase. Can’t do tattoos, so my rebellion comes with facial hair. Should go back to my clean shaven self very soon.

  7. ‘Mornin’ farmer – Ainsworth gets my vote… But after reading all the responses so far; well, maybe A-Zagg is just a rough draft, this could go on for weeks, like a soap opera. “What frames will Tom choose?” Can’t wait to tune in next week.

  8. How funny! I dont think they look the same at all and ZAGG is by far the best-looking frame. Since we are on the topic of your personal acoutrements, may I suggest losing the beard and mustache? the photo below, sans, makes you look by far the best (younger by 15 years at least). Shall we vote on that too?

    • Hi Joumana, 15 years younger, eh? Well now you have my attention. I’ve been feeling my age of late, perhaps it was self-directed and can be fixed by a quick shave. I will consider your suggestion and smile in the process if only it were visible under the mustache. 😉

    • Thanks Ina on both counts. I did the trim the beard a bit after everyone’s comments; I don’t want to look like Rip Van Winkle. 😉

  9. oh of course I choose the one nobody else likes…! And of course everyone chooses the elongated horiz. frames that look like everyone else…. I just always liked that Dizzy Gillespie big TV frames look!! Thinking of getting it myself but I bet it would not win a vote. I also liked the beard..sigh. But like clean shaven too. Let’s face it (ha ha) Tom you look great no matter what!

    • So true Kim, so true. I might have to try this again but in a different way. I may have to survey readers about their favorite farmers market products.

  10. Does anyone else notice the ad for zenni optical right above his picture with the broken glasses? Or is it an ad specifically for me? I think he should go with zenni because they support his website!

  11. Tom, 2009 was not that long ago and you really looked hansome in that picture. I vote for you to lose the beard. Iknow, I know, that wasn”t what we were voting on. Have a great day! Carol

  12. Eee… now I’ve been looking at Warby Parker too!!! I’m in the market for new glasses as well since I had a terrible experience at a place I don’t normally go. /mutter
    Now, reading your comments it seems you may not gow ith WP! Glasses.com also has a “Try-on @ Home” feature like WP! With a LOT more styles! [and I think progressives, too!] I’m going to take a look at them at home, cuz’ my computer at work can’t load the script… So, maybe worth a shot?

    And now I’m going to be the odd man out – I actually *love* the mustache/beard!
    But I’m also a gal who loves facial hair, so yeah… small percentile & the odd man out. hehe…

  13. I feel like they’re all the same frame, and you’re pulling my leg.
    You probably have a good laugh at the people saying how the “different” styles suit you.
    Boz and Gracie can only entertain for so long eh?!
    Still, I voted Ballard.
    Manitoba, Canada

  14. I like the Ainsworth’s too! Actually the name of my elementary school, but that’s really not why I like them. But sounds like you’re heading in a new direction for the ol’ progressives. See you soon in your new glasses, I hope!

  15. If any one is reading this in 2016,Warby Parker now offers progressives online or in their increasingly present retail stores

    295 for optical or 375 for sunglasses. All with 30 day guarantee and traditional great customer service


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