Vashon Halloween: Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun{23}

Cheshire Gigantica: At 357 pounds, the best-ever jack-o-lantern stole the night.

Vashon Islanders take their celebrations seriously, in a non-serious sort of way. Halloween is no exception. Last Monday, town was closed to cars, and left to ghouls, vampires, princesses and pirates in search of free treats, treats and more treats from local merchants.Little Cutie-Pie meets the Big Scary

Sporting the placard “Death rides a pale horse,” this mysterious reveler cleared the way for the eve’s festivities.

Some of Vashon’s fiercest pirates hit the streets in search of booty.

No surprise here, Lucifer’s wife is a real hottie.

There’s nothing a like a light snack of medulla obbligato and a glass of Chianti to top off a Halloween night.

Boz, truly delighted to run into his second cousin twice removed, was temporarily distracted by spilled popcorn (and anything else that resembled street food).

With goblins tucked in, ghouls on the run, and bulldogs immobile, All Hallows Eve disappeared quietly on the spirited winds of a Pacific breeze. (Pumpkin and night sky photos: Leslie Shattuck; all others yours truly)