Confessions of a Pumpkinhead{22}

Me and my Sugar Pie pumpkin: I wear it proudly (well, at least inside the house).

Hi, my name is Tom and I’m a bona fide pumpkinhead. Yes, I admit it; I’m a man who loves the genus Cucurbita. Whether pepo, moschato, or maxima, they’re all pumpkins to me.

winter squash and handsome  bulldog Boz

Boz, protector of pie pumpkins, when not treating them as chew toys. (I need a taller wheelbarrow or a shorter dog.)

Food for the body, sustenance for the soul, candy for the eye, pumpkins and winter squash pack a culinary and visual punch few veggies can boast. (Apologies to rutabagas and beets.) The versatile and stunning orbs have always captured my imagination in the kitchen, on the table and in the fields.  Stay tuned for my latest list of tendrilled lovelies, my pageant of pumpkin-awesomeness and some of my favorite winter squash, all of which I grow, cook with and savor.

Sneak peek: Amish Pie pumpkin and Sweet Meat winter squash share a wheelbarrow bath after a Northwest shower.

A word of caution: if you wish to join the brotherhood and sisterhood of pumpkin lovers, choose your pumpkin wisely. No one wants to be mistaken for a butt-head.

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