Duck, Duck, Goose…Chicken and the Egg{32}

Behold the incredible, edible egg…Goose egg, Duck egg, chicken eggI love fresh eggs, unfortunately raccoons love fresh chickens. After a four-year assault on my chicken coop, the masked bandits finally found a weakness in my poultry (or rather, paltry) cedar fortress.  Rumor on the street was the crafty ringtails met up with a shady arms dealer and indifferent hardware store owner to secure the tools necessary to wreak havoc on Henville. Witnesses say the gang was last seen repelling down the side of the coop with Wyandottes and Marans in tow.

My chicken coop under construction in 2005 (a bit overbuilt I’d say).

So until I figure out my next tactic in keeping raccoons out of the coop (though I can guarantee you electricity and motion-sensing harpoons will play a pivotal role), I will purchase eggs from farm stands around the island. This week some goose and duck eggs were available, in addition to chicken eggs. After marveling over the size, heft and girth of a goose egg, I can see why most gaggles are less than congenial. I have no doubt that one goose egg could satisfy a family’s frittata needs.

brown, blue, tan, buff eggs in a cartonEggs from my former flock, Ameraucanas (blue), Cukoo Marans (dark brown) and Wyandottes (buff)

young chickensJust in case you want to know what spring chickens looks like.  (Photo taken on move-in day at the coop, before laying boxes, perches  and machine-gun turrets were installed.

I leave you with a question.

Do any of you have recommendations or recipes for cooking or baking with goose and duck eggs? Please share them with me in your comments.

In the meantime, how about I rustle us up a farm-fresh omelet.