“Stuff You Don’t Need…”{20}

Christmas tree treasures

My holiday trinket larder is well provisioned.

On a road trip a few years ago, my friend Joan subjected me to every knick-knack, tchotchke shop between Providence, Rhode Island and P-town Mass. (Never add a second name to a rental car agreement.) Who knew Cape Cod was ground zero for the year-around Christmas Shop?

While the resin reindeer and soft-sculpture Santas held little appeal for me, Joan approached every new chockablock gewgaw store with an unbridled enthusiasm usually reserved for pirates and buried treasure. The most beautiful beaches on the Eastern Seaboard were playing second fiddle to yuletide trinket traps.

After several lifetimes in a Cape Cod gift emporium called The Stenciled Goose (or was it The Gingham Gander, perhaps The Paisley Plover), I chided Joan, “You really should open up your own gift store.”

Joan looked surprised and said, “You really think so?”

“Absolutely Joan, you could name it The S.Y.D.N. Shoppe.”

She knew better but still asked, “And do tell, just what does “S.Y.D.N.” stand for?”

“Why, Stuff You Don’t Need.”

(Truth be told the “S” really stood for a more colorful synonym, but you get the idea. )

When a missile-shaped Christmas Gnome flew past my head, I knew I was sleighing on thin ice.

So today, in honor of Joan and in an effort to pay off Boz and Gracie’s post-obedience school education (wasted money), I’ve created my Amazon.com store, featuring some things I like, love, use, embrace and marvel over. So unlike a romp through The Gingham Gander, Checkered Chicken or Damask Duck, my list of fresh-picked favorites focuses on useful “stuff.”

So Joan, should you need a cute-and-functional Blitzen-on-his-back bottle stopper, I’m your man, no road trip necessary and on demand.  And as the store grows, I promise to add a category called Stuff You Don’t Need, though I will need help with the inventory. I hear it’s a huge niche market.

tomatoes knife on cutting board
Welcome (no purchase necessary).