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A Moon Not to Be Forgotten

A Moon Not to Be Forgotten

biggest full moonReturning from the beach, I grabbed my camera, though wishing I had it two hours earlier.

Last night I was witness to a full moon that left me gobsmacked (yep, gobsmacked). Sitting atop a driftwood log on KVI beach,  my posse of moon-watching friends and I beamed at the prospect of seeing the closest moon in nearly two decades. Glowing and growing ribbon-like clouds suggested the show was about to begin. A Cascade ridge line provided the perfect foil for our guest’s arrival. The full moon now before us, liquid gold waves lapped ashore, reflecting the seaward trail of this heavenly pearl. We were in awe of its beauty, sitting silently awaiting the right words to capture the moment. Mother nature had produced a real showstopper, and we thanked her profusely for our front row seats to a Moon not to be forgotten.Back at the ranch, I turned facing west to snap a shot of my completely dark house. When I downloaded the photo, a bright light shone in the north window. A friend said, “Perhaps your house is haunted.” I replied,  “or perhaps simply enjoyed. ”

full moon over the firs Vashon Island

The most amazing moonrise I’ve ever seen; the Cascades’ craggy silhouette a perfect foil for the light’s arrival, liquid gold waves lapped onshore like a seaward route to the heavens punctuated of its reflection in Puget Sound, is brief retreat behind clouds, and reemergence 












  1. The moon last night was amazing and you’ve captured it in a wonderfu pictures.

    Ok the picture of your “completely dark house” is a bit freaky. The light looks like the shape of a person. I’m sure it was just some reflective lighting, but it does make for an interesting and thought provoking picture. 😉

  2. Tom, the moon was spectacular here too. Have you noticed these past two months the moon is lower than usual? Or am I imagining things? As for the light in your house…I would say a ghostly spirit is truly enjoying your home!

  3. Great photos Tom, on the Seattle side, we had lots of sail boats and kayaks enjoying the moon glow, you never know about the ghost, the house might be enjoyed by it also, I lived in a haunted home, never bothered me, we got along great.

  4. Ghost mystery solved.

    I took the photo, enlarged it, and over exposed it. I can now see the light was shining through from the back porch motion sensor light. The specter was provided courtesy of Puget Sound Energy and my overactive imagination.

  5. Tom, can you explain it away all you want but your house is clearly haunted by a benevolent presence.
    I wasn’t able to see the moon at its closest day, so thank you for sharing the photos. I love it when I’m in the South and the moon seems so huge compared to a Washington moon.

  6. We missed the moon from too much rain and clouds. What a shame.

    Your house looks like it is glowing with pleasure at observing this famous moon, almost like ET’s heartlight.

  7. I couldn’t wait to see what “your” moon looked like and it WAS big and beautiful-as was ours in Georgia! Georgia experienced a crisp, clear night perfect for “moonwatching”~

    Love your “ghost”.

  8. Clouds here were so thick I couldn’t even tell where the moon would have been if I could have seen it. So thanks for the photo and the story. I’m with the ‘house glowing with pleasure’ theory BTW.

  9. The moon was still beautiful this morning, as I climbed into the hot tub at 5 am, I felt like a goddess stepping into the sacred pool, knowing the moonlight brought special blessings. I know anyone driving by this morning would have thought I was a ghost, haunting our house, good thing there were no paparazzi or ghost hunters with cameras nearby.


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