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Boz the Bulldog and the Art of Begging



As I was finishing up my last-minute to-do list, Boz (beefy gymnast that he is) was preoccupied with scaling El Capitan kitchen chair, preferring the one cushioned with wool sweaters.  I chose to ignore the eye-level interloper as this was inappropriate bulldog behavior.

Boz on the table

In a bold move, Boz leaped to bridge the two-foot chasm between chair and table.


When I asked, “What exactly do you think you’re doing?” Boz resorted to an old trick. “If I look away, he can’t see me.” (It’s his form of cloaking device.)


With fixed gaze on a plate of buttered toast, the focused whimpering began.

Boz demands breakfast

When that failed, Boz resorted to his secret weapon: bullie stare-down and mind-meld.  Trouble is, it worked. (Who’s the dog, who’s the master?)

As for Gracie, napping trumps begging, any day.


  1. That’s why I’d never have a bulldog. To darn good at that very thing. The worst I have to deal with is Duncan’s “hopefully lurking”

    Merry Christmas Tom!

  2. Simply adorable dogs- I have checked the one in the pool, Christmas pic, and showing off the darling tartan coats. All totally sweet, darling and all that.


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