Vern’s Brown Turkey Fig: Nice Fig Vern{21}

Vern's Brown Turkey Fig

The bluebird of happiness has landed on this fig. I’m not sure who Vern is, but after taking a couple of bites out of his namesake, I’d had to say, “Thank you, thank you very much.”  (That was my Elvis voice.) The fig is a syrupy sweet bon bon of deliciousness, almost jam-like in its center. The skin is thin and beautifully mottled green and brownish purple.

sliced Vern's Brown Turkey Fig

My Vern’s Brown Turkey fig tree is relatively young and in a pot. I’m still figuring out just where to plant the tree to foil the deer militia posted in my woods. They have a serious appetite for leafy greens. I live in Zone 8, and this fig tree looks promising.

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