How to Make a Tomato Trellis: A Cagey Alternative{56}

tomatoes supported by a wire t-bar trellis

Tomatoes need our support.  (You trying maintaining vertical with 10 pounds of green, red orbs hanging off your branches. ) Some people cage them in, others rely on the stake. As for me, I’m a fan of trellising.

tomato supported by trellis wireI create a vertical plane that the toms can grow up for maximum sun exposure, air circulation and  tidiness (a feature more prevalent in my garden than my house).

trellised-tomato-rowIt’s a pretty basic idea–a point A to point B design framed by two rigid poles or stakes with wire or twine connecting the two at one foot intervals. (Boz inspects the trellis, checking for appropriate tensile strength and any tasty, errant compost clods.)

tomato support I use foam twist ties or green gardening tape (seen in first photo). Nothing complicated about it.

How to Make a Tomato Trellis

  1. Choose the beginning and end points of your trellis.
  2. Don’t forget to leave room on each side of your end tomato plants.
  3. Drive Pole A and Pole B into the ground until secure (no wobbling).
  4. Tie a wire or heavy twine from Pole A to Pole B.
    1. Note: twine stretches, you may have to re-tighten later.
  5. Add more wire/twine up the poles at one foot intervals.
  6. I usually go up five feet, making five wire rows.
  7. As tomatoes grow, attach larger stems to each available wire.
  8. Use a soft foam twist tie or wide garden tape.
    1. choose a tie that won’t cut into the vine as the plants and fruit add weight
  9. Sit back and wait for you bounty (that is after weeding and watering and…)

trellis for tomatoes in a row

My ‘artistic” representation of Tom’s Tomato Trellis.