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From One Slug to Another, Nice Artwork


slug artSlugs get a bad rap (justifiably so) around here.  How can a slow-moving creature with the viscosity of a gumdrop manage to clear cut foliage like its wielding a chainsaw and machete?  Just recently though, I noticed a more virtuous result from the intrusive invertebrates: artfulness. When not devouring dahlias or noshing on nasturtiums, my resident slugs slither along like little garden Gaugins, creating curious beauty in uncommon places.  In this case, the Artistes De Slime made handiwork of an outdoor,  algae-lined tub–each of their bites another brushstroke in the earthy masterwork. (The piece is titled: HJEF8V698XPN)

garden slugFor some, the only good slug is the one found drowning in a saucer of beer or wedged in the waffle of a garden boot. But for me today, when my my energy level is akin to theirs, I shall dig deep and enjoy a magnanimous moment, saying, “nice art slugs, nice work.”  (But may I remind them, tomorrow is another day.)


  1. You’ve convinced me that slugs deserve to have their own venue now. Next time I find a slug trail, I’ll get out a small frame and do it justice!

  2. Tom, nice way to look at this…usually, here in the “tropics”, I see a slimy web across tile or carpet, and usally in a straight line…probably from heat exhaustion! xo

  3. Our Indiana slugs don’t compare to yours Tom. Here is my slug story.

    When I was in Kindergarden I went to the 1/2 day afternoon class. I would wait to walk to school while watching As The World turns with my mom. One day, we found a slug and I decided to take it to school to show everyone. We put it in a tiny baby food jar and my mom punched a couple very small holes in the lid to give him air. I remember it like it was yesterday. I was wearing a dress and sitting on the couch with my legs straight out, holding the jar on my lap. I looked down and saw that the slug had amazingly squeezed through one of the tiny holes and was sitting there right next to my finger. I freaked out and screamed and cried. That was it, no slug went to school with me that day or ever! I would love to garden in your climate, but thinks I would be screaming about slugs all the time!

    I love reading about your adventures on Vashon Island!

  4. I had a similar experience, but with the little yellow and brown snails that live near me. I put a sign up, taped to the brick wall across from my house. When I looked at it about three days later, the sign had become lace. Snails apparently like to eat paper! Who knew. I’m sorry I didn’t take a picture. It was beautiful.

    • Wow Alison, who knew? I may have to try that myself. The paper wasps around here, chew off the outer layer of wood on my fence posts, making for an equally wonderful piece of insect art.


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