Daffodil: D is for Deer Proof


Deer proof is a designation that I usually find laughable. I suspect that given the chance, deer would dine on blue tarps and roof shingles. If these beasts had thumbs, my refrigerator door would have a lock on it. But there is one plant, one flower in the field that is unequivocally ignored by this antlered entourage: the daffodil.


The Daffodil is a spring-blooming bulb that’s planted in the fall. Ice Follies is the variety shown above, and a happy harbinger of the longer days and short-sleeve weather to come.

What’s great about daffodils:

  1. Deer-proof foliage and flowers
  2. Easy to grow: plant and ignore
  3. Naturalizers: the bulbs spread and multiply each season
  4. long-lasting cut flowers
  5. Some are fragrant
  6. Bulbs are relatively inexpensive and available each fall
  7. Great varieties in color, form and blossom type


Now if you’re wondering if spring’s other big bloomer, the tulip is deer proof, I’d have to say no; the T in tulip is for Tasty.

Tulips in bud are here today,


…and gone tomorrow.


So if the possibility of such garden heartbreak lurks in your neck of the woods, plant daffodils instead and laugh in the direction of those doe-eyed denizens.

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