Shockingly Simple Solution to Plumber’s Butt

Horrified housewife frozen in fear by butt crack arising. Life's journey can take you down a myriad of paths, around a couple detours, and sometimes...
cleaning supplies

Cleaning Up: A Gift Bag of Good Intentions

Clearly, there's a message in these bottles. Last week I received a less than subtle rebuke regarding my slovenly ways, make that alleged slovenly ways....

Does a Bird Poop in the Kitchen?

Direct hit: a disapproving dive bomb, a bird's rebuke on my blog? When a Critic Came to Roost or... Yesterday the mercury neared 70 degrees, a...

Lawn Mowing Hypothesis Tested and Confirmed

After weeks of extensive testing and observation, I can unequivocally and confidently say my hypothesis holds true; the lawn is not going to mow...

Today Is Special…And So Is Tomorrow

Whether tap water, hard cider (above) or French Champagne, drink up, toast the day. I have a quirk (okay, maybe a lot of quirks),...

Today’s Proverb: A Load of Crap

Today's Proberb (based on local feedback) He who has a parcel of errands in town, should refrain from first loading his truck with manure...or perhaps If...
empty jelly jars in the pantry

Sorry Ma’am, I’m Out of Jam (for Now)

With my last jar of jam (apricot) spoken for, I am officially out of preserves. Seasonal changes surround me, bare branches have a costume...
full moon through the madrona trees

Being Followed by More Than a Moon Shadow

I'm not sure if it's the snoring bulldogs (who share a combined decibel level of an idling chainsaw) or the sump pump activation two...
cure for the common cold

Making My Mark: A Cure for the Common Cold

Like most men, I complain when I'm sick. (Cough, sneeze, whine, repeat.) Fortunately for friends and family alike, Boz and Gracie endure my pithy...

A Man, His Truck, and the Road Not Traveled

With rear-wheel drive, snow is not our friend Life doesn't always turn out the way you initially visualize it. My teen mind daydreamed about a...