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10 Things I Learned This Summer


Lesson for all seasons: take time to enjoy the view (Mt. Rainier from Vashon Island).

Every season holds class for those who wish to attend, the hours in the day become pragmatic little teachers of simple truths and homegrown examples. This summer I tried to be a good student, and pay attention in class. Here’s a sampling of the lessons learned from my soulful sage and friend, summer.

The Lessons of Summer

goose egg duck egg chicken egg1. Good eggs come in all shapes, sizes and colors.

morning glory "flying saucer"2. Morning can be glorious.

sleeping bulldogs in a hammock3. Naps are restorative (and a to-do list activity).

bluebird of happiness plate 4. One man’s runny jam is another man’s dessert topping.

5. Just because something is cheap, doesn’t make it a bargain.

bunting under the stars 6. The best dining rooms don’t always require walls, neckties or reservations.

7. Proven and true: the lawn will not mow itself.

painting of bike rider8. Sometimes a sweet ride doesn’t involve four wheels.

9. Some cakes are almost as good as most pies.

10. And finally, never hug a man who has a fig in his pocket.


  1. I agree wholeheartedly with #3; I nap quite often with my pups. ♥

    But whilst I was reading your Tom-a-gram, I got to #10? Snorted so loud my co-workers thought I was insane. But I am, so it’s all good…

  2. Hi, I’m sare from Türkiye. I have been living in Adana since Last summer. I found your beautiful site on Taste on Beirut’s comment part.
    You have very beautiful picture and recipes. I did your carrot salat, İt was perfect.

  3. sometimes you can see a lot by just observing…the wisdom of Yogi Berra
    many do not take the time to look, you are a wise and patient man Thomas

  4. Thanks everyone for the kind words!

    And Ina, I had picked a fig from one of my trees and dropped it in my pocket to eat later at lunch. Lesson learned. 😉

  5. Hi Tom,

    I’ve been procrastinating–checking out your posts instead of tackling my pile of mail and email. I think eggbeaters would make good Christmas gifts. Do you want a job as a cook on a sailboat next summer? The hours are long, but the pay is minimal…….

  6. Oh Tom,
    Once again you have a beautiful and insightful post.
    You are very spot on ,Grasshopper! And once again I will say how fortunate you are to live on Vashon Island!! I am waiting for your ‘Best selling
    book’ to be written as soon as you write it along with everyone else. Also I love your “bluebird of happiness plate! :))

  7. One would think that a shirt pocket would be a safe bet for a ripe fig. Next time consider the hug factor and fill your pockets-beats using the food processor and a whole lot more fun!

    • Hegs, you are so right, and thanks to your keen observation on Lesson 1, about many ‘equally beautiful colors” I added that to the post–too good a lesson not to share! Thank you kind sir.

  8. And of course you prove that wisdom comes from unlikeliest of places and can be a wonderful surprise.

    So glad to have stumbled upon your blog. You brought a smile to my face. For this I thank thee.

    chow! Devaki @ weavethousandflavors

    PS – Love the list. All of it.

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