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Today’s Proverb: A Load of Crap

Today’s Proverb: A Load of Crap

Today’s Proberb (based on local feedback)

  • He who has a parcel of errands in town, should refrain from first loading his truck with manure…or perhaps
  • If one’s truck is full of crap, stay home (until emptied).

“What? We don’t smell anything?” B&G: My two shotgun-riding sanitation engineers.


  1. Black gold it is…pure unadulterated black gold. Visit the desert with that truckload and you’ll see what I mean. Why, we’d likely roll out the red carpet but for sure, bring the fur kids, OK?

  2. I just wasn’t in the mood to unload it.

    Final tally:

    9:30 a.m. loaded into truck
    6:30 p.m. unloaded from the truck

    And it seemed like I unloaded more than I recall loading.

  3. As I look at the pic of the “Pic up”…I see the nourishment of all things beautiful! Happy Easter, Happy Spring, Happiness and love my friend! xoxoxo

  4. HA! I can’t believe you drove around town with it all day, I guess it is good we didn’t put another load in. Glad the manure found a happy home…. did the tarp make it any easier to unload? Let me know when you want more. XO!

  5. That looks like might nice poop. Crowsfeet farm coulda used a “load” of that! Nice work. Shovel, by shovel, by shovel, by shovel………

  6. I caught a ride home from town with Tom and his truck full of crap-funny thing is I hardly noticed!!! Hmmm The only reason he unloaded it was that he had to go into Seattle and he did not want to appear as a total hill billy. Peer presure makes one do or should I say doo?

  7. Susan, B&G would be exactly that — butter in your hands.

    Miffy, warm wishes to you this Easter Day, you indomitable ray of sunshine!

    June, as tempting as a four-day drive to AZ with a truckload of manure is, my Phoenix friends tell me there’s plenty of the stuff close by in Chandler. But if I could be guaranteed a week of homecooking, I’d surely consider it as you’d be doing me the favor.

    Steph, the tarp was a brilliant idea, when light enough I could just pull the rest of the zoo-doo out of the bed. And yes I want more!

    Dana-Crowsfeet farm, what a hoot of a name. Can’t wait to see your progress with the veggie garden

    Tamara — that says something about the normal condition of my truck when you can’t smell a load of doo in the back. Time for a little detailing.


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