There She Goes: A Parable of Perspective

"There she goes!"  Adventuress, Admiralty Inlet, Washington Years ago, while hiking the bluffs and trails of Ebey's Landing's , my friend Joan and I happened...

Please Don’t Take My Free Sign

Fashioned from a paint sample drywall scrap, one of my best free signs was also one of my most quickly pinched. Vashon Islanders have...

Winter Left the Door Ajar

Mount Rainier as a sundial (from Maury Island) Winter Left the Door Ajar Winter left the door ajar, enough to steal a peek, Perhaps to silence...

A Place Between Too Little and Too Much

Recently my friend Erik shared some Finnish wisdom: Onnelisuus on se paikka puuttuvaisuuden ja yltäkylläisyyden välillä. What's that, your Finno-Ugric language skills aren't what they...

Travel Log: Big Board, Small Question

large fir board
One Gigantic Fir Board to Go, Please... While searching for fir floor boards at Forest Stewards mill yard, I came across the most amazing rough-cut...

A Salute to My Favorite Veteran

Captain Dad and his trusty steed (F-100) on the flightline. I grew up loving a veteran: my Dad, a larger than life man who flew...

10 Things I Learned This Summer

Lesson for all seasons: take time to enjoy the view (Mt. Rainier from Vashon Island). Every season holds class for those who wish to attend,...

Recalling a Labor Day of Love

Cleaning out the barn with a little help from my friends. Sometimes my to-do list stops me dead in my tracks. Like an overloaded freight...

Bonjour Monsieur Cyrano de Raspbergerac

tom tall clover farm - Cyrano de Raspbergerac
In-house tableau: homegrown homage to Cyrano I just can't finish off the week without one more nod to a produce proboscis. With the last of...

Shockingly Simple Solution to Plumber’s Butt

Horrified housewife frozen in fear by butt crack arising. Life's journey can take you down a myriad of paths, around a couple detours, and sometimes...