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Does a Bird Poop in the Kitchen?

Does a Bird Poop in the Kitchen?

Direct hit: a disapproving dive bomb, a bird’s rebuke on my blog?

When a Critic Came to Roost or…

Yesterday the mercury neared 70 degrees, a veritable heatwave for the Pacific Northwest! With every door wide open to capture the moment, I returned from planting kale to find an airborne intruder in the house. A Spotted Towhee, startled by two bombastic bulldogs, darted around my kitchen like a BB in a Pachinko machine. Cornered between wall and window, I gently closed in and cupped the little guy in my hands, careful not to trip over the always curious and underfoot Boz and Gracie.  (“Is that a treat, is that a something to eat?”)

Not much of a ringing endorsement for my journal entries either.

Outside I opened my palms skyward and off he flew to meet his mate in the maple tree out back.  Throughout the day, I discovered droppings that seemed particularly targeted. I don’t wish to project, but on my journal, really? And on my laptop, with homepage set to this blog, really?  And then today, I see the towhee took respite in a porcelain nest scheduled to hold my morning oatmeal. Not take it personally, really? I was grateful a goose had not landed in my kitchen, as calling cards from a four-ounce bird are message enough. My feathered aerialist, I get your Post-Its loud and clear. We’ll see who puts out thistle seed in the feeder this week, alright.

Menu change: I think I’ll have some toast instead.

I just can’t leave you this image as the final photo in the post, so here to help fade it from your memory and celebrate a rare sunny day are some photos from Tall Clover.

Bluebell bouquets bound for the Saturday Market

Reflections of a sunny day

My fence of fallen branches snakes along at pace determined by high winds and my industriousness.


  1. I love that your wildlife can read. The photo of the bluebells makes me want to take the ferry to the ‘Saturday Market. You’ll make a killing.

  2. OMG…too funny! You know what’s sad, I never think to cut the Bluebells to bring inside…I don’t know what’s wrong with me! BTW…I’ve always loved that fence…it has so much character and gives you such a sense of place…love it!

  3. Only Pacific Northwesters fling open all the doors when it’s 70. I’d probably still be wearing long sleeves and wouldn’t even think about having a door or window open. 😉 Love the bluebells and the fence, although we have a tendency to burn ANY pieces of fallen wood like that. Love our woodstove during the cold months!

    Happy Friday, Tom!

  4. The Bluebells are awesome. Birds are odd creatures, we have a nest of Wren’s on our screened porch just outside the breakfast room door. She has mistakenly flown in a time or two, although she has yet to assail my garden journal or my wheaties…….

  5. Hilarious, although the poor bird was probably very happy to be back outside. Gorgeous bluebells! We have had the same lovely weather – can’t wait to do more planting.

  6. Oh, your fence is wonderful! Every time I see a beautiful photo like that on your blog I think again that it has been too long since I’ve visited Vashon. Does a bird poop in the kitchen? I live with two pigeons. Usually they are in their aviary outside but sometimes I have them in the house and, well, I won’t say any more.

  7. ohhhh…. wonderful bouquets. Here in the Northern Virginia Piedmont, SHirley poppies are at their best at the moment – and they make great cut flowers – and peonies are wonderful. I feel I finally have enough in the garden that I can cut some for indoors.
    And Tom, I simply love LOVE your fence.
    What else do you sell at the market? rhubarb I expect?

  8. I’m with Renae. The bluebells and your smile – yes you will make a killing. Love the windows into your world on Vashon. What a beautiful place!

  9. Hi Tom:

    LOVE LOVE your bluebells. My second favorite flowere after Lily of the Valley. 🙂
    How do you care for your bluebells? I planted some this fall and they look very sad. Not at all gorgeous like the one you have there.

  10. Tom,
    I’ve been feeding the birds for over 25 years and
    although I am always serenaded by a chorus of
    beautiful bird songs from their latest & greatest hits in return…. I have had similar ‘comments’ left
    on the wind shield of my car. You just can’t please
    every winged-wonder! You look great 🙂 and I am
    sure you will return with a empty coca-cola crate! Also what kind of trees do those fallen
    branches come from? Great fence!

  11. Greetings all, and thanks for the kind words.
    Here are some answers to inquiries above:
    1. Sylvie, I hope to sell some rhubarb this week, and in the future orchard fruits, maybe some heirloom apples this year and a fig or two. Also like to sell dahlias, and cut flowers. I’m a market novice but getting better each year.
    2. Anupa, I grow Spanish bluebells which are a tougher cousin to the English Bluebell and here on Vashon spread wildly. They love a sun/shade combo, for me that’s under and around a huge maple tree and the underbrush surrounding my lawn. Let them die back after blooming as energy is needed to produce next years blooms.
    3. Roberta, the coca-cola crate stays! It was secured honestly and paid for, too. 😉 As for the fence, it’s made out of fallen Madrona branches. Madrona is one of the Northwest’s most beautiful trees in my opinion, a living sculpture.

  12. HAHAHAHA! Love It! So much like home! Your corner inspired partly my poem Smokey Corner. The Fence is looking so good! We will see you somewhere soon.

  13. I love your fence too. I had noticed it once before and have to mention how lovely it is! When I was a kid growing up in Dockton I would sit on a huge branch that would scult itself over the water. I only have one tiny one and is not even doing well, was just thinking maybe it needed the salt air!

  14. Ah the joys of having wildlife INSIDE the house. We know it well, but for us for some reason, it tends to be bats…not birds. I think I’d rather have the blog critiquing birds 😉 I have to say, your fallen branch fence is just fabulous. With as much raw material that falls out of our trees here, we should probably do the same! We could build a fence as long as we want! The lizards would love it too!

  15. Can’t help it – I’m laughing out loud again…just picturing the little divebomber taking aim at a few of your treasures!

    Love the bluebells photo!


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