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Fifty-Something Fashion Sense: A Socks-and-Sandals Guy


My kind of hipster: socks and sandalsAs I set down my morning coffee in disbelief, the ugly truth came to light. There on my callused, bramble-scarred, sandal-clad  feet were socks, white ankle socks. The kind of socks folks over fifty wear. Wait, I’m over fifty. When did this happen? How did this happen? Had I fallen into the abyss of the unfashionable never to return to fitted clothes and handsome footwear? Apparently so, for the next words to leave my mouth said it all: “These socks sure are comfortable.”


  1. Comfy shoes, too, Tom!! Truth be told, many of us in the :::ahem::: over-50 crowd are more into comfort when having to choose between fashion and actually wearing something all day.

    • Vickie, wise words to live by 😉
      Susan — your keen eye has witnessed the first wearing of those socks, yep they are fresh out of the package and will never be this white again.

  2. Tom, at least you have cool shoes. My best friend told me today that my white sneakers are dorky. Now I have to find some birkenstocks ..

  3. You’re a riot! My husband wears Keens with beige Smartwool socks so the socks don’t stand out so much! I wear navy blue operating room shoes with white socks! Yes, we’re both over 50!

  4. Having lived most of my teen years in Germany, I don’t see that as weird in the slightest. hehe.
    But I get taunted endlessly when I do the same – When I walk my dogs [with my awesome hiking trails combat boots!] I tend to pull my white ankle socks well over my ankle.
    It’s a force of habit, I like tight socks.

  5. My husband has made me promise him that if he ever starts committing certain age-related male fashion faux pas, I am to kill him. One of them is definitely white socks with sandals. Standards around here are strict, but as he works with a lot of younger guys (and female guys — I hate the word ‘gal’), and they are all in on the pact, I have an additional squad of enforcers to help me in my ongoing quest.

    When we travel, we stay alert to ‘the look’ of other couples, and when we see plaid bermuda shorts with (non-matching) plaid shirts ….. high-waisted pants ….. any kind of shorts with navy blue business-type socks with dress shoes …… we are sorely tempted to take the wife aside and give her a stern warning about being derelict in her duties.

    Fortunately, my sweetheart does not own a white sock, and he wears his Keens bare legged or with newly stylin’ black support stockings (all the rage among athletes these days). I suppose since your white socks are right out of the package, we can give them a bye (or is it a by?) since no gardener is going to keep them white for longer than it takes to head out to the dirt and start having fun. Nice post and excellent comments. Fashion is in the eye of the beholder, isn’t it? And being over 50 myself, no wait — over 60 — I feel the allure of comfort over …. well, just about anything.

    • Eileen, you are a trendsetter,; black oxfords are quite smart, though I suspect the white socks you wear aren’t from a Hanes athletic 6-pack.

  6. I laughed out loud about the socks. I really appreciated the info on the figs. My daughter bought me a fig tree for Mother’s day. It is almost my height now and loaded with figs but they will probably get frosted before they can ripen, So sad. What should we do to protect this plant for the winter? We are in Michigan.

    • Miki, thanks for the kind words and comments. As for overwintering the fig tree in a cold Michigan winter, that may be a challenge depending on the variety. One variety called Chicago Hardy, may freeze back down to the ground, but still be able to spring back with new growth and figs each year. Here’s a link to a guide for overwintering figs, which suggests they’re best kept in pots in <Zone 7 areas: http://www.organicgardening.com/learn-and-grow/overwintering-fig-trees. Another method I've heard of is to make a circle of temporary fencing around the tree and fill the inside with dried leaves, to act as insulation. Remove the structure in the spring. Hope this helps you a bit, Good luck!


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