Warby Parker: Five Frames, One Face, One Vote

Just last year, the plastic frames of my relatively new glasses cracked, sending the lens along with my spirits to the sidewalk below. Both fractured...

Giving Winter the Cold Shoulder

The first sign of spring has emboldened me to tell winter not to get too cozy; your days are numbered. For weeks, she's plopped...

Tall Clover Chronicles: Confessions of an Unbalanced Force

The Case of the Unstable Table"You can only lean on that which resists." -Indian Proverb And so, the laws of physics win again. In my last...

Welcoming the Ghosts of Christmas Past

Christmas tree treasures
Well, hello Christmas Past! Recollections can serve to fuel and warm the heart on a chilly winter day; here are a few  favorites from my...

Home Remedies: Chocolate Cake, Vapor Rub and Bulldog Bedhogs

Boz: bulldog as blues healer I am back among the living, breathing (in a Darth Vader kind of way), sniffling (as if paid by the...

Blog Man: Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks

New Look for the Blog Welcome to my blog's new look. It is a work in progress, meaning you can't judge too harshly for a...

Fifty-Something Fashion Sense: A Socks-and-Sandals Guy

My kind of hipster: socks and sandalsAs I set down my morning coffee in disbelief, the ugly truth came to light. There on my...

Keeping Up With My Favorite Octogenarian

dancing with my favorite octogenarian
Cutting the rug (make that the pavement) with my Mom at Vashon's Strawberry Festival Street Dance I'm a proud on-the-precipice-of-geezerhood, optimistic 55-year who can seize...

My Country Life in a Country Song

A day of bad moves, bandages and boo-boos. We all have bad days, and I must admit that if the following is all I have...

To-Do Lists and Sunny Days

My sketchbooks and to-do lists scattered about (much like my focus), but ready for the next sunny day. Vashon Islanders and mayflies have something in...