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Winter Left the Door Ajar

Winter Left the Door Ajar

Mount Rainier as a sundial (from Maury Island)

Winter Left the Door Ajar

Winter left the door ajar, enough to steal a peek,
Perhaps to silence my discord, to quell my harsh critique.

For winter breezes often fool, impostors of seasons to come,
Sky belies the biting cold, Trompe L’Oeil for a willing sun.

Feathered leaves of robins fall in mass to search the beds,
Frantic dance of scratch and peck, two-stepping for wrigglers and reds.

Daylight shines for minutes more, warmth kidnaps my heart and day,
Spring drops by for a coffee klatsch, but reminds it just can’t stay.

I offer a chair, say “please sit a while, your visit’s a welcomed gift,
A kiss of balm, a pause to smile, an unexpected lift.”

But spring as interloper, is helpless to preempt the race
Winter holds the keys to light, while nature sets the pace.

Spring shines on me this winter day, begs patience in my court,
Assures me of its full embrace and days of lush transport.

Suggests I celebrate this time, bask in its anomaly,
And smile upon the primrose, spring’s first and jauntiest draftee.

My thanks to a harried winter, who headed to a harsher coast,
And left the door unattended, so I could be the host.

–Tom Conway

Primrose, spring’s first and favorite fan

Northeast side of Vashon Island

Ellisport, Tramp Harbor, Vashon Island

(Photo credits: photo 1, 4, Leslie Shattuck, and photos 2, 3, Tom Conway)


  1. Well said neighbor! A nice trumpeting announcing the 2nd stage of Winter, which March most certainly gives us roaringly as the lion it is every year!

  2. Happy Birthday, Tom! Wasn’t today absolutely beautiful? Two out of three hives have survived the winter – Minerva AND Demeter were out flying today and actually collecting pollen. You really have to take up beekeeping!


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