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Blog Man: Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks

Blog Man: Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks
Walk the dogs then write a new blog post
Three old dogs not averse to being taught a couple new tricks (And yes, we are highly motivated by treats.)

New Look for the Blog

Welcome to my blog’s new look. It is a work in progress, meaning you can’t judge too harshly for a least a month. (So says me.)

Why change things? Most blogs are built on a templates or platforms that  make it easy for the blogger to share his or her two cents with the world in a timely and colorful manner; photos and videos are embedded, links featured, stories told.  Protocols are usually standardized so switching to a new look can be as simple (in theory) as selecting different stationery when you write a  letter. (Letters, you know, words written on paper and sent via the postal service.) I loved my old WordPress template circa 2008, but if it were a vehicle, the tires would have been bald, paint faded, engine pinging, electrical system shorting out, and chassis cracked (much like my truck).  It was time for a new ride, one with greater dependability and better standard options that could get me a little farther down the road and in a more stylin’ fashion. (Ease on down, ease on down the road.)

So today I launch a new look, of which I ask you to weigh in on. Feel free to comment and suggestions are always appreciated. What would you like to see on the site? (Be gentle.)

Hugs on demand: Boz’s best trick



  1. I love the font choices. How daring of you to go with a serif font. I am looking at this via my iPhone screen and all your lovely pics are cut off. Otherwise, it is simple and straightforward – very clean.

    • Thanks Deborah, I’m a font forward. 😉 Since I have kiddie trac fone, I’ll have to check it out on yours and see what’s going on.

  2. Ha! The two ads that showed up on this post are: Train Any Dog in 6 Days
    Potty Train Any Dog in 6 Days. Plus Solutions To 19 Dog Problems!
    AND snorgtees with a babe wearing a tshirt that says “meh.” I would give your new effort better than meh. Keep up the good work!

  3. It is not an easy task to change a website/Blog. It looks very nice! Very easy to read and user friendly.
    Happy Halloween!

  4. Congratulations on getting the new format together! I love the clean look, and the menu organization at the top. Having done this blog revamp thing once or twice myself, I now just how much work it is. Much more complicated than changing stationary! 😉

  5. Sorry I’m going to be the lone negative voice. So far I’m not impressed, I liked how your old blog was set up. Given time I’m sure I will come to love this one. Of course, so long as you continue showing the lovely and beautiful bullies, Gracie and Boz, that will keep me coming back.

    • Hi Terrie, no worries, I appreciate your opinion. After I tweak some things and make a few changes, let me know what you think. thanks. TC

  6. I love the soft grey tones. I would like to see a more colorful photo behind your Title band. I get the Puget Sound image but, for me it doesn’t represent the vibrancy of you, your writing and life here on Vashon. It’s just not enticing enough for me. Otherwise, I like the layout and the picture placements. well done!

    • Laura, Boz and Gracie are going as spoiled, doted-over bulldogs. 😉 Although their friend Tamara just drop off a bumblebee and pumpkin costume…hmmm

  7. I’m a sans serif kind of girl myself. I’ll adjust to the new view in time, I guess. I’ve heard that change can be good! And now I don’t have to practice my math skills when I post a comment. I am NOT a spammer!

  8. Tom – I like a lot about your new look; the background, photo borders, and banner header. Nice job! If I were to change anything, I would; use a bold weight for the titles (including Tall Clover Farm in the header) and maybe that same font (sans serif bold) for all captions. Also, because bad letterspacing makes me lose sleep, can you tighten up the spacing on the header and titles? Oh and one more thing; on the header, maybe move the subtext line down so it is all in the water area, it would be easier to read. Admittedly these are all picky things but you asked for picky, didn’t you?

  9. Hello Tom
    Good to see you back again- new haircut or not. You could write on toilet paper with charcoal and I’d still love it.
    ” Easy reading is damn hard writing.” — Nathaniel Hawthorne
    “Writing itself is an act of faith, and nothing else.” EB White

  10. Tom! What a shock to come to the site today after a week of no power [I live in NJ… oh yes, electricity is something I sorely miss…] and see your blog with a whole new layout!
    I only have one minor concern, but I find it very hard to read against a patterned background. I prefer having actual content over a white or solid color, and then having a background otherwise.
    I am currently viewing your site on my work computer, where the resolution is only 1024×768 so the edges are being cut off. Not a huge deal, but it looks like you have a neato photo in the BG and I’m missing it!
    Will have to wait till I get power back at home to view it…
    [I just hope it’s a photo of the pups!]

    • Hi Donna, hope things are getting back to normal for you. Glad to hear you are well, and now warm. Thanks for the feedback, I’ll see if I can customize the background color and ask smarter friends of mine about the cut-off issue. Thanks for the feedback! Stay safe.

  11. Hi, Tom! I like it! Having just started a new blog after 576 posts on my previous one, I can understand the challenges! Sweet Journey Home is still a work in progress too. I’m now in the Midwest and enjoy seeing your photos of the beautiful Pacific NW as always.

  12. Tommy Tutu,
    I’d like to see a warmer color for the background, which we already talked about. The little squares remind me of the small, pale blue girds on the layout for the school paper. I would lose the grid look too. I have to admit I liked your old heading with the photos of you and your farm at the top. It was kind of steady and happy reminder of the person and place where all these stories are cooked up. I think it’s impo. to have easy access to all of your past writings-especially since I’m archived in them! I can’t say I like the new look yet. Give me time.

    • Dear Tamara, tell me how you really feel. 😉 I think yours are all valid points and I shall look into each, and play around with some new headings, too. You do know heading pic is one I took from the ferry to Vashon. Pretty spectacular wouldn’t you agree?

  13. Love the new look. Use your maple syrup dressing so often!! Think you might some day..find a bottle of the local delivered..just sayin’.

  14. Training your dog can be the best time to have some bond with them. They don’t only learn from it, they also enjoy the time with you as their owner. They will feel that love that you have. And that would make them happy and look more adorable.


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