Brambles Gone Wild: How to Remove Blackberries

How to Remove Blackberries Behold, the Blackberry plant (as interpreted by me) When I moved to Vashon almost seven years ago, my property's frontage was framed...

Who You Callin’ a Weed Wench

Attack of the brambles! See what I go through for a good berry pie. I recently received an email from a friend who has the...

Stoop With a View: Good Morning Bluebells

big leaf maple in a sea of bluebells
Beautiful backyard bluebells My back stoop covers just about enough space to provide resting and reading room for one husky guy and two beefy bulldogs (given the pups opt...

Summer Harvest Begs an Extension

 Heirloom tomatoes: Amish Paste, White Beauty, Old German, Pineapple, Hillbilly, Lemon Boy and Sugar Lump. If I left these on the vines, October rains...

Horse Manure: Crappy Soil Amendment for Your Garden?

UPDATE: I wrote this post after an afternoon of major weeding. I would like to correct something. Horse, Cow and Chicken manures are awesome...

I Built a Fence That Fell From the Sky

Sometimes beauty reveals itself in unexpected ways, other times it’s a familiar friend on my daily path. For the madrona trees that have stood witness...

The Fountain Gurgles Again!

beautiful garden fountain
My garden fountain gurgling away as it should. The sun is out (May I hear an Amen!). My coffepot is yielding no more of its pricey brew. Boz...