Summer Snapshots: On the Porch, Around the Island{18}

Vashon Island House tall clover farmEarly mornings reveal a waning moon, a sleepy sunrise, and the perfect porch to start a day on.

Quartermaster Harbor Burton WashingtonMount Rainier sneaks a peek (and a peak) at Quartermaster Harbor in Burton on Vashon Island.

My day starts early and my day ends late, and somehow the in-between takes mere seconds to evaporate. With a run of sunny days (there’s an anomaly), outdoor chores and play-date detours, I find my posts have been few and far between, and even now, this post will be more about pretty pics than Tom’s questionable insight and ramblings. So take a coffee break with me and sit back and enjoy a few snapshots of what summer (in my humble opinion) should be: wonderful.

beautiful visitor boz the bulldog  Boz:  “Tom who?” 

Boz is quite the ladies man, backing up and waiting for a belly, muzzle, and/or rump rub, albeit Ture’s gentle shoulder pat will keep him happy for as long as she wishes to indulge him.

homemade sour cherry pieCan you bake a cherry pie, Tommy boy, Tommy boy? Oh heck yeah, and this crust-covered fruit geode glistens with my first crop of Montmorency cherries. Even better, I celebrated and shared the moment and the pie with my visiting family.

bulldog covered in pollenBoz takes time to stop and smell the roses (and in this case, as his pollen-painted neck would suggest) and the lilies as well.

Vashon modern day pioneers My sister-in-law and brother channel their inner pioneer couple at the Vashon Heritage Museum.

Bill and Boz hammock My brother and Boz share some quality time on the hammock, while mom and sis check out the old glider.

mom linda strawberry festivalMom and sis: Two of the prettiest and hardest working farmhands a man could dream to be related to.

dinner on the porchDinner is served…on the porch, of course.

front field early summerEarly summer when the grass is green, and the garden weed-free.

Tom picking berries Summer has been berry, berry good to me. Here’s to an entire month of summer days remaining!