My Five Favorite Jam Recipes, for Now{16}

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Jam recipes near and dear to my spoon…

This time of year my pantry shelves buckle under the weight of stacked empty jam jars. They glistened under the light of the single bulb on the ceiling, and call to me, “Tom, Tom, get a move-on; it’s time to make jam!” In May, I start with strawberry – rhubarb, and by October I finished up with late peaches. With canning season in full swing, let me share with you my favorite jam recipes.  These are keepers in my cookbook of summer. (Click on the jam name to link to the recipe.)

best apricot jam recipe

Apricot Alchemy Jam: no less than magic in a jar.

luscious berry rhubarb homemade jam

Strawberry – Rhubarb Jam: What I call the “Fred and Ginger” of fruit combinations.

blueberry plum jam

Blueberry – Plum Jam: Summer by the lovin’ spoonful.

fig and ginger jam

Fig and Ginger Jam: A sweet spicy preserve I first tasted in Australia…and have been making ever since.

vigne de peche peach jam

 Peach Jam: Three ingredients simmer to sublime perfection. (Indian Free peaches used here.)
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