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Jam Recipes: Five of My Favorites

Jam Recipes: Five of My Favorites

Jam recipes near and dear to my spoon…

jam recipes
A bad situation: out of jam!

This time of year my pantry shelves buckle under the weight of stacked empty jam jars. They glistened under the light of the single bulb on the ceiling, and call to me, “Tom, Tom, get a move-on; it’s time to make jam!” So what are my favorite jam recipes these days? Well, it’s all about what is fresh and in season. In May, I start with strawberry – rhubarb, and by October I finished up with late peaches. With canning season in full swing, let me share with you five of my favorite jam recipes.  These are keepers in my cookbook of summer. (Click on the jam name to link to the recipe.)

My Five Favorite Jam Recipes

best apricot jam recipe

Apricot Alchemy Jam: no less than magic in a jar. Apricots are a fleeting summer fruit, so act quickly when they arrive at the fruit stand or market. This particular jam is a delicious blend of rich flavors—tart and sweet, and as bright as a summer day.

luscious berry rhubarb homemade jam

Strawberry – Rhubarb Jam: What I call the “Fred and Ginger” of fruit combinations. This classic jam is the real thing, a medley of early summer goodness, and the perfect pairing of berry and stalk. Of course, pick enough to make a pie, too.

blueberry plum jam

Blueberry – Plum Jam: Summer by the lovin’ spoonful. This is a great jam recipe for the beginner, as plums and blueberries are high in pectin so they set easily, that is they thicken without much effort. The flavor combo is out of this world, too.

fig and ginger jam

Fig and Ginger Jam: A sweet spicy preserve I first tasted in Australia…and have been making ever since. Here’s another jam that sets easily due to the high pectin in the fig, while offering little bits of chew in the spicy ginger.

vigne de peche peach jam

 Peach Jam: Three ingredients simmer to sublime perfection. (Indian Free peaches used here.)

I hope you like these jam recipes as much as I do. Give ’em a try, and find your favorite.


  1. Tom there is nothing better than homemade jam. I love all you have shown here..delicious! Our favorite in the summer is a combination of apricot peach…heavenly. Can’t wait to make some. I love your combination of strawberry rhubarb…sweet and tart, the very best in my humble opinon!

    • Ina, oddly, I’ve never tried making apricot peach jam. Okay, that changes today. 😉 Or maybe tomorrow, yep tomorrow, making cherry pie today and embracing my inner-potluck-picnic patriot.

  2. Yummmmmm…… they all sound amazing. I am currently storing {a.k.a. hoarding} all versions of strawberry and rhubarb but can’t wait to get my hands on some blueberries. I have not yet tried Blueberry-Plum so that will be added to my “must try” list. 🙂

  3. Thanks for sharing the recipes!!! I made strawberry freezer jam last month. I have enjoyed several great peanut butter and strawberry jam sandwiches and many hot buttered biscuit with strawberry jam..I have been picking blueberries this last week. The lemon blueberry bread is calling my name. I have a large bowl of wild blackberries that beg for a large cobbler but I think they will end up in a jam..HA! I found a recipe for a blackberry wine cake (blackberry wine and jelly) that I must try. The peaches should be at the farmers market so I may try making some peach preserves….hot butter biscuits with peach preserves…Good Lawd, life can’t get better than that!!

    • Janet I love your enthusiasm for all things fruit! As a PB&J and biscuit fanatic, I share your love of good jam. Here’s to your fruitful and delicious summer of cooking.

  4. love homemade jams; getting ready to make some peach jam because we simply have too many peaches to can only. Figs will come later. i am interested in your plum/blueberry, since there are no blueberries here I could replace them with mulberries and plums. got lots of purple plums in the orchard to use thanks Tom~~ mighty generous of you!!:)

  5. Too many peaches is my kind of problem to love to have. 😉 Then again, same it true for figs. I’m making your molasses cookies right now, substituting maple syrup for fig molasses, as that is what I have. I’ll let you know how my experiment goes with this American twist on a Lebanese treat.

  6. “The world is in a jam and needs preserving.” (Fanny Farmer?) Pectin…one year my choke cherry jelly made with sure jell was syrup. And my syrup made with sugar turned into jelly. My rhubarb was hailed out but is coming back, I have been haunting the neighbors for extra. Kinda like zucchini.

    • I know Deb, pectin eludes me so I just slow cook and evaporate the mixture for thickening or add a grated apple or pureed kiwi. The moles ate all of my rhubarb roots, so ‘barb this year for me.

  7. Your blueberry-plum jam looks delicious. How I envy all you jammakers! My one attempt several years ago resulted in the Great Marionberry Jam Fiasco, (don’t ask), and I have been jam-shy ever since. Luckily, I have friends who make jam and are willing to share. And who knows? I may just get my courage up and try again. Blueberry plum – my-oh-my! That sounds tempting.

    • Get back on the jam bike, and try again Lucy. What do you have to lose? If it doesn’t set, you have ice cream sundae topping . Now that is a nice Plan B!


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