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Say “Good Morning,” Gracie…


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Good morning! I’m usually up at the crack ‘o thirty, stumbling about the old house with a toothbrush in my mouth, searching for a clean shirt, and opening every door to expose the day before me.  This morning, as I was waking up to coffee on the porch, I thought how wonderfully peaceful and quiet it was. When I played back my little video of the moment, I could hear just how wrong I was; bubbling fountains, crows in conversation, creaking floorboards, exuberant songbirds, snorting bulldogs and raucous roosters. Apparently, my quiet good morning is more about the sounds I don’t hear once the world wakes up. good morning "flying saucer" morning glory

“What’s your morning story, Morning Glory?”


  1. Aw, just so lovely and green. Your average rainfall must be a doozie. The rooster was a nice touch too :-). You have a lovely home, Tom.

    • Thanks Jacqui, yep rain is our middle name, though dry season is fast approaching for the next three months. The rooster enjoys sharing that nice touch alllllll morning. 😉

  2. That IS a peaceful morning. I might join you tomorrow morning with my cup of Earl Grey on the other side of the table. Want some crepe au citron with it ? : )

    Love the porch!! So – you have chickens too?

    • Hi Hafiz, I did have chickens but had some issues with predators, namely raccoon and minks. I’m devising my new chicken yard protective system and hope to have it in use this coming late winter. And Crepe au citron, now that’s a breakfast I can rise early and often for! Thanks for the upgraded menu idea.

  3. Hi Tom, I love the quietness of the mornings – my favorite time of the day!
    Teddy and I also love our morning walks…..your video is lovely; enjoy your day!

  4. How lovely, with the sun just coming up in the West! Morning is one of my favorite times, too. Going out early to do battle with weeds before it gets too hot and then an easy going lazy afternoon – you have it so very right!

  5. Hi Tom,
    First time poster; I subscribed to your posts a while back as I was curious about your apple-growing progress. My dad had a gentleman’s apple orchard and the spring after he passed away, we did not know what to do with it. It’s so hard to find info that newbies understand online, but you deliver! So I’ve enjoyed your posts for a couple of years – my favorite being the one about your dad.

    Your summer mornings are idyllic, and on days like this, you surely feel you made the right decision to settle here! I love love love the photo of the morning glory, but please tell us – is it an actual photo taken with a macro lens or is the flower photoshopped in?

    • Hi Natasha, Welcome! Thanks so much for the kind words and especially for your choice of favorite posts. My deepest sympathies for your loss as well. Your Dad grew apples and raised a thoughtful daughter. Sounds like a great man, glad you have the legacy of his apple orchard as part of your touchstone to his life.

      My apple orchard is in its seventh year and still taking its time in producing ample apples. My biggest problem is irrigation. I don’t have a well and use our little water district water, so I’m prudent with its use, and the apple trees suffer. Actually the trees look great, but the apple production suffers. I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have in the future. I hope to start a water catchment system off of my gutters and greenhouse.

      As for the morning glory photo, I’m flattered that you think I’m capable enough to pull off a photoshopped image. 😉 The image appears as it was taken, and I just sharpened it a bit, and brought down the exposure for a kick of saturated color. The morning glory is a variety called Flying Saucer, and it’s one of my favorites. Thanks for your visit and warm words. Here’s to apple galore!

  6. Although I do the daily commute to the big city, I understand the mellow that descends after several days “on the rock”. However, NO amount of time on the island would keep me from strangling that rooster! The fountain – as you so entertainingly demonstrated on the garden tour – is wonderful, (except the sound always makes me pee!). It’s lovely until some dolt on a motorcycle goes screaming by! Enjoy!

    • Nodie, I hear you. That rooster is on a 24-hour clock with no snooze button. If I was not an early riser, I might have to supply my neighbor with a delicious Coq au Vin recipe. And thanks for attending my talk at the garden show, I had a great time, and was glad to share what I know. Funny thing was I came home to an algae clogged fountain pump. That’ll humble you. 😉 Take care, Tom

  7. Hi Tom,
    Just wanted to chime in that I thoroughly enjoyed the video showcasing your morning soundscape. In addition to the crows and rooster, I’m pretty certain that your “exuberant songbird” chorus is composed of American Robin (loudest and most persistent), Chestnut-backed Chickadee and then 3 sparrow species — Dark-eyed Junco, Spotted Towhee & White-crowned Sparrow. Lovely!


    • Wow Harsi, love that you can identify those bird calls. I just looked on the Cornell bird site and found all of them you listed, and yes, they are frequent visitors here. I’m amazed by the bird life here. Thanks for sharing that info! Released a sweet little bird yesterday that found its way inside. It had a strip like eyeliner almost, diminutive and quite lovely. Off it went!

  8. Tom – I love, love, love the photo of Gracie with the morning glory and bicycle! You’re so talented. Is there anything you can’t do? Apparently I have talent envy.

    I was just laying here in bed, listening to the sounds of morning (all birds and Ditto snoring) trying to decide what dessert I should make this evening, when I thought WWTCD! But after reading your blog, I’m convinced I need to bag dessert and spend the day making jam (with full sugar). Your site is so inspiring.


    • Thanks Doug, you sure made my morning, coming from a talented fellow like yourself. My Mom is visiting and I tell the woman runs circles around me, I need a nap! 😉 Stay tuned Doug, I’m going to make this really easy but really awesome raspberry sour cream tart, and it’s sooooo good and again, easy, I swear. Mom and sis are some fine berry pickers, so it’s a win win tart! Lucky me. 😉


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