Greenhouse Construction Update: Supervisors Found Sleeping on the Job{22}

Boz the bulldog naps in the construction zone Boz found sleeping on the job

I joked with a friend this week, that it took Noah less time to build an ark then it has  taken me to erect a greenhouse.  The good news is my time building this ginormous plant hangar is coming to an end. Today I hope to finish up the end walls and add the sliding doors. My fingers are crossed and my attention is focused (well, at least until the first distraction comes my way.)   And while I hate to tell tales out of school, I do have a bone to pick with my helpers Boz and Gracie; they have been found sleeping on the job almost every day, occasionally lifting an eyelid or two to make sure that at least I was still on the job.

In the Greenhouse With Boz and Gracie

bulldogs in the greenhouseAfter a stroll around the property, a couple barks at annoying deer (perceived or otherwise), and a quick biffy break in the high grass, Boz and Gracie assume their responsibilities as my overseers for the reminder of the day, only taking breaks for lunch, napping and barking at invisible varmints. sleeping bulldog Bulldog chameleon: Gracie goes into full stealth mode, using camouflage to blend into her surroundings while she tracks my every move (with her eyes closed).  bulldog Boz painters clothBoz has a casual, laissez-faire attitude, surveying all on his drop cloth viewing station, but gently intervening should I start slacking in my duties. bulldog under footRuh-row, apparently I’m slacking. construction zone bulldogMake that really slacking. (Uh, Boz, I believe you are a safety hazard at this point.) sleeping bulldog sawing zzzzA tale of two workers: I saw boards and Boz saws ZZZZ’s. Rainy Wet TomAnd on a side note, my new glasses arrived. The old wad-o-tape ones are now reserved for yard work and construction projects. (Purchased from coffee break window seatTo be honest, I do take a fair share of coffee breaks throughout the day. (A reluctant confession brought on by a serious case of stink-eye from two indignant in-house supervisors.)