Cooking Up Community and Apple Pie{9}

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tom nancy national pie dayPartners in pie: Nancy sets the pace and the menu. I stand in awe, and slice, dice, bake, and serve where needed.

Yesterday when my pal, and community dinner iron chef Nancy called to discuss our plans for that night’s preparations, she began with dessert (just another reason to love her) and said, “Tom, you do know today is National Pie Day, don’t you?”  Oddly I did not. Who even knows such things? Gosh, is there a National Tater Tot Day, or a National Peanut Butter Lover’s Day or National Cheese Fondue Day?  Yes, Yes and Yes; February 2, March 1, and April 11, respectively.

dutch apple pie unbakedI never met a pie I didn’t like (aside from an  unfortunate kidney pie encounter in the UK).

Nancy and I are simpatico in the pie department; we could eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is the planet’s most perfect food, after all.  I was delighted that she left the making and the baking of the pie to me. I chose to make a pie based on a recipe from my friend Jeanette–a dutch apple crumble crust confection that is as easy and fail-safe to make as it is delicious.

dutch apple pie fresh bakedIt all starts with a savory (slightly sweet) oil dough, and ends with a delicious mountain of apple crumble.

Recipe coming…

Stay tuned, I share the recipe and show you how to make this go-to pie in the coming week.

And on a related note, consider volunteering for a community dinner in your neck of the woods. Even if you don’t cook, there are volunteer positions to serve food, do dishes (I love these folks),  prep the kitchen and clean up.

The Vashon Interfaith Council to Prevent Homelessness does a remarkable job of helping our friends in need in so many ways. Volunteer today, it will warm your heart like a slice of pie fresh from the oven.

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