Eggnog Ice Cream: The Easiest Recipe Ever{27}

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eggnog ice cream Eggnog Ice Cream: The Easiest Recipe EverI’ve never met a doughy spatula, messy mixing bowl or sauce-covered whisk I didn’t like. My insistence on quality control requires sampling the seasoning, monitoring the mix and rating the ratatouille. I’m drawn to butter batter like sprinkles to a Christmas cookie.

So it came as no surprise after sampling my first sip of eggnog for the year that I had a delicious epiphany. The flavor, consistency and color of eggnog are spot-on with the same characteristics of ice cream custard.  Taste buds never lie, and the culinary distance from a cup of Creme Anglaise to a sup of the old ‘nog is a short one.

Because gadgets are my friends, I wondered what would happen if I poured eggnog straight out of the carton into my ice cream maker (a revered gadget deluxe). The answer was simple and quick: delicious eggnog ice cream in about 20 minutes.

While many holiday recipes are often as complex as the blueprints to Chartres Cathedral, this is not one of them. It’s as delicious as it is easy.

ice cream collage Eggnog Ice Cream: The Easiest Recipe EverRECIPE: World’s Easiest Eggnog Ice Cream


  • Quart of eggnog
  • 1 T of bourbon or brandy or rum (optional, though recommended)

Equipment: Counter-top ice cream maker

  • Forget all other ice cream makers; this small convenient version (in the link above) sports an insert you place in the freezer and remove when it’s ice-cream-making time.  While everyone loves the idea of a hand-crank model, this one doesn’t require ice cubes, rock salt or convincing kids that it’s a fun activity.

Preparation (pour, turn on and eat)

  1. Remove ice-cream-making insert from freezer
  2. Place on machine, add paddle insert
  3. Pour in eggnog, leave 2 inches from the top for expansion
  4. Add 1 T of preferred libation (the alcohol adds a smoothness to the ice cream)
  5. Add clear cover, turn on machine
  6. Ice cream is ready when the eggnog is rich, thick and creamy (about 15-20 minutes)

eggnog ice cream closeup Eggnog Ice Cream: The Easiest Recipe EverI challenge you to find an easier and more delicious ice cream recipe. Enjoy!

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