Home Seasons So Long Summer: A Photo Finish & Fine Farewell

So Long Summer: A Photo Finish & Fine Farewell

So Long Summer: A Photo Finish & Fine Farewell

sailboat at sunset near Lincoln Park, West Seattle

Summer has slipped through my fingers again. Warm days have given way to morning chill, dew lingers well past first light and every branch is a spider trapeze.  Yes, I tearing up. (Photo: Olympic Mountains, Puget Sound: view from West Seattle ferry dock.)

pea starts, honeycomb and a horseshoe

Autumn is here and winter will insinuate itself shortly. I must face the the fact that summer is over. Since I have such trouble letting go, I’ve assembled some photos that will help keep me warm and my disposition sunny no matter what the calendar says.

big magenta dahlia

dahlia as big as my head

Nothing screams summer like a dahlia the size of your head.

peach pie fresh from the oven

Or a peach pie cooling on the counter. (Thanks for that skill set Kate McDermott.)

David Austin roses

A sink full of roses beats a sink full of dishes any day.

freshly rototilled pumpkin patch

A freshly turned pumpkin patch promises bounty in the days to come.

wheelbarrow full of vegetables and flowers

Summer, when each trip to the garden is a delicious treat (on all levels).

Boz and Gracie sunning themselves on the porch

One man’s throne is another’s sunny porch.

Boz in the garden among the dahlias

There’s nothing like having a good gardening pal to watch you weed.

blooming black locust trees on Vashon Island

The restorative powers of a summer nap in a swaying hammock cannot be overstated.  (This photo alone can get me through January and February.) Warm wishes to all now and in the coming months.


  1. Thanks Tom for the fab pictures. Yes, summer has officially left us…Rather sad, but in all honesty, I’m content that it has not started to rain yet in the PNW. 🙂

  2. Who can turn the world on with his smile, eye, words….Thanks Tommy. I do need a Tom collage of sorts…please send when you have a time or two…but please, not with any clown messengers!
    Love and miss you xo

  3. For thirteen years now of desert living I’ve counted my favorite flower as the little, wild school-bus-yellow roadside sunflowers so abundant down here in mid summer. Until I saw that photo of a sink full of roses, that is, and felt myself leaning back toward my former favorite, the traditional rose. Is it unoriginal to say that a rose is one’s favorite flower? Most definitely not, especially when they are Tom’s roses…in Tom’s sink! What a riot of beauty. It is truly winter soul food to have such summery images in our heads as we head into the season of spareness. ( Still love that against-all-odds pluck and defiance of the little sunflowers in this less than lush land though…!) thanks Tom!

  4. Love this post! I know I’ll return to it often as Winter creeps in, especially if it is as wicked as predictions indicate it might be! I am already eager for spring, and it’s not even mid-October.

  5. Oh, my. It’s just about bed time here, but I’m hungry. Not a good sign. Made a great Southern supper but no dessert….ahhh…but then I see that peach pie. Looks good enough to eat right off the computer screen. Guess tomorrow will be soon enough to make one. Thanks for the inspiration…


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