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Seattle Bats: Dinner and a Show

Seattle Bats: Dinner and a Show

Bats flying out of Seattle Chimney

Summer is a powerful elixir for most Seattleites. We drink in summer (i.e., July and August) like a tonic that cures the ailments brought on by the previous ten months. We cling to it. We exhaust it. We mourn its loss and revel in its memory.

On one such summer evening, I was enjoying a barbecue with friends in my old neighborhood Green Lake. Hosts John and Beth had assembled us on the front porch of their handsome Victorian for the fine sunset and apparently a little more.

John appointed Becky as our front porch croupier, securing post-its, pens and pocket-change bets. As the sun finally retired to the west side of the Olympics, the show began. John directed all eyes to the chimney across the street. One by one, diminutive creatures squeezed out of a hole in the mortar and took rapid flight in our direction. The crowd cheered, and the counting began. The person coming closest to guessing the number of flying chimney sweeps claims  the kitty. The final tally was 21 bats, so my guess of 19 bats was enough to secure the win.

This fall or winter or spring, when the smell of wet wool and damp dogs consumes my truck cab and psyche, and the windows are too fogged up to see if the ferry has docked, loaded or left,  I shall revisit the memory of this summer night, a summer night when the winnings exceeded the sum of the wagers. Thank you, John and Beth. (And next summer, same bat time, same bat station?)

farmhouse and bulldog on porch

Boz assures me, no bats at our house.


  1. How appropriate, I just came from shopping and quite a few stores had their Halloween displays up already. Kinda rushing the season in my opinion. By the by you should maybe purchase a lottery ticket.

  2. Bat counting. Now there’s a new one! Fortunately, our chimney is a bat-free zone, I hope! Your house looks lovely, Tom, especially with Mr. Boz keeping watch. That guy certainly gets around! Just this morning I saw “him” in an Iams dog food ad, looking hearty and healthy. The caption read, “The ladies dig my strong defense system.” What a guy!

  3. Elizabeth, good point, but knowing John, he would have donated his winnings to a charity in need, like our local squirrel rescue group. 😉

    And thank you Pam and Sarah

  4. Hi Tom, Your blog as quickly become a favorite read! LOVE IT!! Sometime could you indulge your dear readers by sharing some of your favorite cookbooks, the “go to’s'” and the “couldn’t get along without.. .” I have a feeling you have some nice ones! Thanks!


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