Garden Tour…or Where the Grass Was Greener{25}

I take my hat off (Elmer Fudd wants it back) to any homeowner brave and hardworking enough to participate in a garden tour. For a man who thinks folding clothes is a chore, the idea of maintaining a dandelion free lawn or growing a rose bush without black spot sends me scrambling for the security and comfort of my backyard hammock.

While I do struggle with the concept of pastoral perfection at my place, I had no trouble being treated to some of Vashon Island’s finest home landscapes and dreamy locales on the VAA garden tour last weekend. Bravo and Brava to the island gardeners who worked their tookuses off for charity and the enjoyment of others. In the process, I had a blast and enjoyed my own comparative sturdy in gardening philosophies and techniques.  For some, the grass really is greener.

I had no idea wood could be stacked this neatly.

My woodpile has more of a Frank Gehry EMP feel to it.

I was puzzled by this well-stacked wall of bricks.

Unlike my pile of terracotta squares, theirs did not support a slew of gardening gewgaws and tools, nor was it sidling up to a tangle of hoses.

I can unequivocally say that my garden has something none of the tour gardens had: weeds, lots of weeds.