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Foxgloves: Towers of Flowers and Then Some

Foxgloves: Towers of Flowers and Then Some

Foxglove (digitalis purpurea) is the flower of the hour in my Pacific Northwest garden, towering three feet above my close-to six-foot frame. (That’s height not width, for clarification and the time being.) Their show began three weeks ago and will likely continue for another two before the plants brown into equally handsome and imposing seed stalks. Later in the summer, I’ll toss the sand-fine seeds anywhere I’d like to see them sprout. The plant is tough as nails in the Northwest and does well in both sun and shade. Give them a cultivated garden bed and they will double in height.

foxglove flower

Foxglove is a biennial, establishing foliage the first year and bursting in bloom the second. All parts of the plant are poisonous so kept them out of your salad spinner.

foxgloves in bloom

Sharing the stage, evergreen Western Sword Ferns  ring my porch like a verdant fringe. They too are a low maintenance, deer-proof plant that’s easy to grow. Give them a little compost and they too will reach for the sky.

blooming foxgloves, 9 feet tall


  1. Tom! What a gardener you are! I have a gorgeous apricot foxglove that you MUST plant to coordinate with your perfect home. Shall I send seeds?


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