Home Plants I Love Introducing Orienpet Lily: Garden Star — Va Va Va Voom!

Introducing Orienpet Lily: Garden Star — Va Va Va Voom!

Introducing Orienpet Lily: Garden Star — Va Va Va Voom!

Orienpet lilies, Satisfaction variety

My two-year-old stand of Satisfaction Orienpet lilies in late July

My days as a plant snob are over. There’s room in my garden for both the brash and the understated, for flowers the size of snowflakes as well as blossoms that standout like a chorus line of bodacious beauties.  A marigold deserves my respect just as much as a magnolia. That said, I’d like to introduce you to my latest petaled fancy, the Orienpet lily. A cross between an Oriental lily and a Trumpet lily, the Orienpet exudes the best qualities of both parents and then some.

summer lilies

The Vegas Showgirls of the flower world, Orienpet lilies are bedazzling showstoppers. After two years, mine tower at six feet and range from five to fifteen blossoms per bulb. They thrive in the Pacific Northwest and are relatively drought tolerant and easy to grow when given good drainage.

Frisco Orienpet lily in bloom

Orienpet lily “Frisco” (evidently not named by someone from the Bay Area)

When planting Orienpet (or Trumpet or Oriental) lilies, keep them close to the garden path. Your eyes and nose will thank you.Vashon Island Garden

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  1. Ahhh….Tom, you know I love these beauties!!! What is that middle one…the sort of apricot one? I have a little spot reserved by our front walk and am looking for just the right (and fragrant) lily!

  2. Tom, your lilies are stunning! I have the Frisco’s growing in the garden – their scent is heavenly. I also have bright orange lilies – not sure of their name…now after seeing yours I want more. And spring can not come too soon!

  3. You are in Washington state? I love the exuberance of your garden and the exuberance with which you write. I really like your blog and will definitely be back. Have a great day. Blessings…Mary

  4. Beautiful photos Tom!
    I just ordered a dozen of these beauties from B&D earlier this week. A true act of faith in these wintry doldrums.

  5. You might want to check out The Lily Garden (www.thelilygarden.com), both a breeder and a grower, specializing in Orienpets. Judith Freeman is he head honcho, and she’s located in Vancouver, WA. I have purchased a number of lilies from her and am so far quite satisfied.


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