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Bart, Your Primula Is Doing Fine

Bart, Your Primula Is Doing Fine

primula on a chairIn some cafe, perhaps in Amsterdam, maybe in Bruges sits a man whose interest in the works of Van Gogh and Rubens is only rivaled by his love of works in nature, in this case unusual plants. So Bart, fear not; while you’re enjoying a European holiday, your primula sits protected on my porch. The blossoms are exquisite, the leaves ruffled beauties. Now go see some European sights, eat and drink like Louis XIV, and know that this leafy masterpiece is being well taken care of. Your humble plant-sitter, Tom


  1. Tom – where did you get all your beekeeping accoutrements? I’m thinking of starting soemthing up at the farm and I would like to build the hives myself.

  2. Hi Brion, I got my first hive from a local lass who was moving to Europe. (Transporting it was a story in itself.) I’ve had great luck with Mann Lake Bee Supply, and they also have kits: http://www.mannlakeltd.com/

    If you want to build it yourself, check out the hive design from Abbé Émile Warré (1867-1951), a monk who tested hundreds of hive designs: http://warre.biobees.com/index.html, and plans http://warre.biobees.com/plans.htm
    I see a project (and honey) in your future, cheers tc

  3. Hello Tom,

    My potato recipe for the baked potatoes is in the same recipe as the asparagus. You just have to read it all!

    Bye for now, Tom!

  4. mmm do you happen to take care of feral cats too? She loves dogs, hates people, swims in the fountain and will keep the rabbits out of your garden. Comes with cage, year’s supply of food and instruction booklet.


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