Little Buddy, Big Heart: Remembering Boz{64}

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Remembering Boz the bulldogI first met Boz when he was age two and living in a south Seattle neighborhood. I immediately ascertained no cul de sac or chain-link fence could contain a personality and presence that big. Love at first site may be an overused expression, but I fear there is no other way to describe our first encounter. With a newborn in the house, and little time to attend to Mr. Boz, the family thought it best to find him a home better suited to his needs, which at the time included non-stop petting and intermittent butt and belly rubs.  And so I adopted Boz, and never looked back. At the time, Gracie, my other dear bulldog and also adopted, had been with me for about six months. The two hit it off swimmingly in a Ralph-and-Alice-Kramden sort of way. They loved each other, but were not letting on.

Boz and Tom

Anyone who follows my blog, knows just how much I love Boz and Gracie, and how integral a part they play in my life. So it is with deep sadness that I share Boz passed away this week. He was nearing twelve years old. It’s been a long, hot summer around the farm as both Boz and Gracie endured record-breaking temperatures and various health issues. And while Boz gladly took to the wading pool, Gracie perceived little difference between a kiddie pool, and a bubbling pit of tar. Keeping her cool was a challenge.

Boz on the table

I’m at a bit of a loss with what to say; it’s still tough to talk about him being gone, so I’ll leave you with my favorite posts about Boz, my handsome little buddy with the big heart. He was the Cary Grant of Bulldogs.

pickup truck bulldog on a load of lumber
Bulldog Boz also seems to have all the answers; and so I feel it is my duty as his wingman to retrieve and share some of his bulldog wisdom.
My Bulldogs Boz and Gracie are always a source of entertainment. Here’s a little story about the day I came home to a surprise from Boz.
My buddy Boz was feeling puny last week, so much in fact that I was a bit of a mess worrying about his sudden withdrawal and lethargy. He began to yelp, the …
Bullish on art, Boz strikes a pose for Rondi: pensive, yet playful. Vashon has a host of galleries and fine spaces to show art, and each first Friday of the month …
By Tom Category: Boz & Gracie, Tomagrams Tags: Boz in the dishwasher, Boz the bulldog, dish washing dog, dog dishwasher, dog in the dishwasher.
My buddy Boz was feeling puny last week, so much in fact that I was a bit of a mess worrying about his sudden withdrawal and lethargy. He began to yelp, the …
I must have been drugged or under the control of space aliens to have allowed one particular oversized sofa a resting place in my home. Secured at our island …
He who hogs a sofa, will make no qualms about doing the same on a hammock. boz and gracie take over the hammock. Then again, he who can adjust the …
Apr 19, 2013 Once Boz devours his crunchy kibble, he heads back to the table’s edge and resumes the paw-Tom-until-he-responds move. I stop what I’m …
bulldogs in bed

Gracie is hanging in there, though not sure where to look to find her beau.

Boz Meets the Abominably Built Snowman