Heartened by the Kindness of Strangers{29}

bulldog love hug Tom and Boz

Each day we all face challenges, quietly carrying the burdens of worry, sadness, loss or letdown with us like spare change in our pockets. While some pockets are more laden than others,  rattling and jingling with each step, I venture to say we all share empathy and kinship in wanting to make things better, not only for ourselves, but for others. At least that is what I experienced this last week when I lost my sidekick, compadre and wingman Boz, bulldog extraordinaire.

I was deeply heartened by and grateful for the outpouring of kindness, stories, well wishes and support I received after posting news of his passing. I loved the “little guy” and apparently so did you all.

Boz has always appreciated the kindness of strangers and friends

Boz was quite the “Ladies Man.”

If you think your thoughtful and loving comments went into the ethernet, you are wonderfully mistaken. Your words went in one ear and straight to my heart. I’m not quite ready to let them out the other ear, just yet, so please know your words were like a hug for someone in need.

We may forget we live in a world of good people with caring souls who step up when the occasion arises, though each day we are bombarded with images and words that would suggest otherwise. But last week, this islander, dog lover, farmer and writer, experienced the hearts and souls of strangers, and I’m here to report, they glimmered like gold. Again, thanks to you, and to my dear family, and friends, it’s a better week.

boz the bulldog

My friend Daniel shared a lovely quote.

Your absence has gone through me 

Like a thread through a needle,

Everything I do is stitched with its color.

W.S. Merwin

Now I realize that a better post title would have been Heartened by the Kindness of Friends. The term Kindness of Strangers seems out of place now. Thank you, friends.