Bulldog Wisdom: The World According to Boz{22}

He’s not just a pretty face. My English Bulldog Boz also seems to have all the answers; and so I feel it is my duty as his wingman to share some of his bulldog wisdom, and perhaps further the cause of mankind. We need all the help we can get. Yep, everything I need to know, I learned from a bulldog.

1. No one ever need apologize for taking a nap.

Boz the

Boz: “Uh, what are you lookin’ at?”

2. An apple a day keeps the veterinarian away.

English bulldog Boz in the apple orchard

Apples, apples good for your heart, the more you eat, the more you…

3. Real dogs cuddle.

bulldogs napping

Gracie: “Boz, is something wrong with your own bed?

4. Take time to smell the roses, and the lilies, and the…

Bulldog marked with pollen.jpg

Boz as the world’s largest bumblebee.

5. Stand your ground; no one likes to be rushed.

bulldog on the stairs

Bulldog back-up on the stoop.

6. Comfort should not be denied.

bulldog on pillow

Cloud 9 and step on it!

7. All you need is love.

boz love

A little affection goes a long way.

Oh and for the record, Gracie concurs.

two bulldogs on a sofa

“Uh huh, what he said.”