Peach Sauce Sublime: Peaches Simmered in Wine{24}

peach sauce nonpareil on ice cream

Peach sauce topper: ice cream’s best friend

There’s no denying I’m a man who likes to can, fruit especially. This time of year I’m directing a parade of pots and pans on my gas range, keeping track of jellying points, scorching mishaps, rapid boils and slow simmers. For me canning fruit is truly a triumph of capturing summer in a jar. One spoonful of this seasonal goodness, and I’m sitting on the back stoop with Boz and Gracie on a sunny day, taking in a gentle breeze and a fine view.

full hot jars awaiting their lids and water bath

Summer’s best awaiting lids and a leisurely water bath

I have a scrapbook of new recipes to share, but I’ll start out with one that’s easy to make, and wonderfully decadent considering the sparse ingredient list: peaches, sugar, wine and cinnamon sticks. The result, a peach sauce that begs to be dolloped on anything from ice cream to biscuits to pancakes or a mouth wide open.

The peaches are screaming for ice cream.

Peaches also scream for ice cream.

The following recipe I concocted one day after receiving a box of peaches from my pals at the Washington State Fruit Commission. As one their Canbassadors (yep, I’m a diplomat for fruit), I was invited to enjoy the peaches and share some canning recipes that would showcase this stunning, juicy, delectable fruit. At you service, my friends, at your service.

happy sauce

Happy canning!

One of the best things I have ever eaten in my life was a dessert of fresh peaches with a glass of Sauternes. In this recipe, I pair peaches and wine again in a candied fruit sauce I reserve for special occasions.

Candied Peaches in Wine Sauce

Summer peaches and a white wine on the sweet side make for a perfect pairing and a dreamy dessert sauce. Each jar releases a summer day with each serving.


  • 3lb peaches
  • 4 cups sugar
  • 2 limes (juices)
  • 3 cups wine (sweet whites like Riesling, Proseco, Moscato, Gewurztraminer)
  • 2 sticks cinnamon


Step 1
Wash peaches. Don't bother peeling; skins dissolve.
Step 2
Remove pit. Slice in half.
Step 3
Cut into thick slices.
Step 4
Place sliced peaches in non-reactive pan (stainless)
Step 5
Cover peaches with sugar. Add lime juice.
Step 6
Cover and let sit out overnight.
Step 7
Add wine, and cinnamon sticks and begin to simmer mixture, stirring until sugar dissolves.
Step 8
After 5 minutes of low simmer and stirring, turn off heat.
Step 9
Let cool, and repeat Step 8, as many times as it takes to have peaches reach a translucent, candied appearance. Remove cinnamon, before canning.
Step 10
When peaches look candied, and the sauce has a syrupy quality, put sauce in jars, and seal using water bath. Or freeze if you prefer.

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Good as gold

Saving a little bit of summer, one jar at a time.