Fortex: Best Mess of Green Beans Growing

Fortex: Best Mess of Green Beans Growing

2008_09_01_blog_green_beansNow that I’ve got you thinking about seed catalogs let me provide you with Tom’s two cents on some of the prizes found on the pages within. Indulge me as I wax on about my favorite pole green bean, a French filet or haricot vert variety called Fortex.

steak dinnerEven with a name that seems better suited to the drug store aisle, Fortex outshines all other beans in my vegetable garden and on my plate. I may plant other varieties, but Fortex is the green bean I eat. 2009_16_09_fortex_green_pole_beansSome of the reasons I grow Fortex Green Beans:

  • vigorous, productive vines
  • I prefer pole beans (trellising required)
  • exceptional green bean flavor
  • pods are exceptionally long
  • completely stringless
  • beans are delicious at any size
  • freeze well too, if you have any left after the growning season.


I forgot to mention they’re Boz’s favorite green bean as well. (Gracie prefers peas.)

Seed sources: Johnny’s Seeds, Territorial Seed Company, Burpee, Swallowtail Garden Seeds

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