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spring peach blossoms

First Day of Spring, the Flowers All Sing

The first day of spring couldn't have come soon enough, although winter's waning days were nothing short of halcyon — those teaser days when waterlogged...
lots of lemons

Preserving Lemons: A Sweet Way to Save a Sour Fruit

Preserving lemons never looked or tasted so good. Last month my friend Myra gave me some Meyer Lemons from her mother's tree in California. I think...

Saying Goodnight, and Goodbye to My Gracie

Each night, when I call it a night, I canvass the main floor for any lights left on or doors unlocked. I check the...

Heartened by the Kindness of Strangers

Each day we all face challenges, quietly carrying the burdens of worry, sadness, loss or letdown with us like spare change in our pockets. While...

Knitting Up an Awesome Bulldog

I like surprises, not the kind that make you pee in your pants, and seek therapy and tubs of Haagen Dazs, but the sort that delight...
bulldogs in bed

Bed-Rest for Boz, Relief for Tom

Bulldog on the Mends My bulldog buddy Boz was feeling puny last week, so much in fact that I was a bit of a mess...

Shining a Little Light on the New Year

Hope for the New YearOne paper bag + a couple cups of sand + one lit candle = magic My brain seems to have been...
warty pumpkin galeux d'eysines

Great Pumpkins: Eye Candy and Great Eating!

Some stylish pumpkins rockin' the boardwalk. Rotting remnants of October's once artfully-carved pumpkins stain a stoop or two on my quirky island, but for the...

Boz and the Makeshift Whoopee Cushion

Boz, the face I can't seem to say no to. Anyone who's ever spent a minute or two reading my blog, can see (at least...

Boz the Bulldog Versus Frosty the Snowman

https://youtu.be/zKdqzIxHGb0 Yesterday Vashon received a primer of snow, and my buddy Jon took advantage of its fine packing ability (and my inability to locate our...