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Biscuits for Breakfast (Lunch and Dinner)

freshly baked homemade biscuit
Blissfully Basic (and Buttery) Biscuits Biscuits, biscuits, biscuits. Frontier food, nothing fancy, nothing fussy, as American as apple pie, this quick-bread staple of chuck wagons,...

Sour Cream Raspberry Tart: Berry Dairy Delicious

fresh sour cream raspberry tart
Buttery crust, creamy filling, berry goodness. Picture Perfect Summer Dessert Some of my favorite desserts are the least fussy. Who would argue that a bowl of...

Jam Recipes: Five of My Favorites

making jam
Jam recipes near and dear to my spoon... This time of year my pantry shelves buckle under the weight of stacked empty jam jars. They...

Corn Relish: Too Good Not to Make

corn relish fresh off the cob
Homemade Corn Relish: Sun Rays in a Jar Corn is king in my side-dish kingdom. Chewy, sweet, creamy, golden and flavorful, what's not to like?...

Favorite Pie Recipes: The Life of Pie

Favorite pie recipes near and dear to my heart ...and tastebuds I know, I know; it's national Pi day, not Pie day.  And while I...

Jeanette’s Best Easy Apple Pie Recipe

Truly, the best easy apple pie recipe in my dessert dossier. Jeanette's Apple Pie: I could eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner (and have). As...

Orange Burst Chocolate Torte: Coco Loco Good

Orange Chocolate Torte - a marriage made in culinary heaven. Still basting my blog posts (and myself) in butter this week, I came across a...

Shaker Lemon Pie Dressed as a Tart

Better With Butter RecipeShaker Lemon Tart: A Star Is Born My favorite winter dessert (hands down) is Shaker Lemon Pie. Each bite is a pop...

Butter Makes It Better

Butter and pie: a match made in heaven...
A stick of butter and loaf of banana bread later, I think I got my shot (and afternoon snack). Butter and I go way back,...

Warm Up to Roasted Pumpkin Soup

Pumpkin Soup to warm your bones Kitchen still life: a pumpkin, apples and onions resting before roasting. The rain has returned, along with the pelt-thick socks...