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peach sauce dessert

Peach Sauce Sublime: Peaches Simmered in Wine

There's no denying I'm a man who likes to can, fruit especially. This time of year I'm directing a parade of pots and pans on...

Cast Iron Cookery: Strawberry-Rhubarb Upside-Down Cake

Like movies I could watch over and over again, or books I'm happy to revisit regularly, I rarely tire of certain seasonal recipes; in this case strawberry-rhubarb upside-down...
fraigipane strawberry rhubarb pie

Dressed Up for Easter: Frangipane Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

  Winter serves up some lean pie months, at least in the fresh fruit category. After exhausting my local supply of Meyer lemons for Shaker lemon...

Ever Eat a Maple Blossom?

Maple Blossoms Fried, Frittered and Served When I was a kid, Euell Gibbons was a household name. Known by many as the Father of Modern...
oatmeal molasses cake

Linda′s Amazingly Moist Oatmeal Molasses Cake

My friend Linda is a gifted baker, the kind of baker who can conjure from memory, and woo with taste. On Facebook, I can...
Free Range Fruitcake

Free Range Fruitcake: Something to Cluck About!

Fruitcake, oh fruitcake, how I do love thee… Oh, go ahead, start with your jokes, mock the baked good that moonlights as a doorstop, wrecking...
roasted carrots in a bowl

Roasted Carrot Soup, Rib-Sticking Good

The Pacific Ocean hugs our coast with a warming embrace, usually that is. But in a game of meteorological rock-paper-scissors, the arctic air mass...
quince chutney on bread

Quince Chutney: Condiment with a Kick

Chutneys are one of those things I discovered late in life. A friend (with more culinary savvy than I) plunked a jar of Major...

Bacon Bits on Demand

Bacon bits, bacon bits, right at my fingertips. Announcing she had something for me, Karen cracked open the farmhouse freezer like a back-room safe. Standing...
plum buckle cake

Plum Crazy for a Cake Called Buckle

Plum buckle: a delicious marriage of cake and fruit Picking plums is its own reward. The trees are small, the fruit easily reached and sampling...