Island Life

Rocking the Filson, Vashon Style

Greg Filson supermodel
My friend Greg returns to the Pacific Northwest (via stints in New York and LA) to embrace his sartorial roots and love of Filson....

MacGyver Mom Takes On Mutant Alien Deer

Mom takes on the task of deer proofing... MacGyver Mom to the rescue; the deer never stood a chance. As you may recall from...

The Open and Shut Case of the Stubborn Man

Boz, a proponent of the open door policy In case you are unaware, men have fragile egos. (Please keep this under wraps or else I'll...

Attack of the Mutant Deer From Outer Space

Mutant deer from outer space: Note the way they can warp time and space at will, all while devouring my lawn. I'd shoo them...

LOVE on the Horizon, Fun Along the Shore

Dom channeling his inner Robert Indiana The logistical challenges of living on an island serviced by a car ferry are many. When friends come...

Friends Don’t Let Friends Buy Store-Bought Jam

neighborly gift of canned goods
Jam First Responder: Nancy to the rescue, jars in hand. Yesterday, I pondered the absence of jam in my pantry. Today, a goddess named Nancy,...

Orcas: When Delight Swims By, Look Up

No Orcas in sight...yetMost ferry trips are uneventful--spectacular, but uneventful. Some riders will stumble out of their cars to fetch a refill for the...

Beach Matters: Perfect Day to Take a Dip

Bulldogs Boz and Gracie take a nap in the heat of day
Mt. Rainier tops the view of Tramp Harbor and Maury Island. Summer showed up yesterday with a hearty and heated hello. With temperatures on the island reaching...

Missing the Boat, But Catching the Show

After a day off-island with friends, I had too many miles and too few minutes between me and the 8:00 pm ferry to Vashon.  As...

Solstice: Vashon Island Celebrates the Longest Day

February sunset on Washington State Ferry looking toward Vashon Island
 Celebrating Solstice: Summer returns to Vashon Island I began my day in a sweater (cotton) and my day ended in a sweater (wool), a fitting...