Home Island Life Early Deep Freeze: More Photos, Fewer Words

Early Deep Freeze: More Photos, Fewer Words

Early Deep Freeze: More Photos, Fewer Words
icicle fountain vashon island
Frozen fountain: I can relate.

I’m a wee bit stuck these days; distractions are aplenty, and focus is just a setting on my camera.  So I will dispense with words and riveting insights (hey, no clapping) and share some pics from the last week or two. Hopefully my writer’s block will thaw out with this week’s warming trend.

monoprint iris Deborah Taylor
Gracing my wall: I love this intaglio print now brightening up a small space. Quartermaster Press artist Deborah Taylor will showcase her most recent work during the upcoming Vashon Island Art Studio Tour.


boz the bulldog on cloud 9
Boz’s Hierarchy of Needs: 1.) Food,  2.) Comfort, 3.) Affection, 4.) Neck Rubs, and 5.) Car Rides. Here he recreates Cloud 9 (much to my chagrin).


Annas hummingbird
Annas hummingbird at the fountain: a bright spot in the day.


Christmas tree and Bulldogs
Boz and Gracie keep an eye out for would-be Christmas tree thieves, especially any named Charlie Brown.


Christmas cactus
I discovered that my Christmas cactus is really a Thanksgiving cactus.


smoked turkeys
One week later and I’m still eating turkey. You’ve got your turkey enchiladas, turkey salad, turkey soup, turkey tetrazzini, turkey ruebens, turkey wraps, turkey…


fluted pie dough pie pan
Note to self: next Thanksgiving more pies and fewer turkeys.



  1. Your photos are lovely, and your words…while I know you are at a wee bit of a loss are still charming and hilarious. I really appreciate it because yes, it’s cold and freezing water and snow all over the place (out here on the west end)

    Just thought I would let you know…I still have my turkey, but he’s alive. I was hoping he would be a Thanksgiving turkey but my husband has fallen in love with him. (We had rabbit, pork and goat instead) We have these “discussions” about the merits of keeping a pet turkey (no!) I’m hoping to have a Christmas turkey. If the time is getting close and he is still “discussing” the merits of a pet Tom, then I guess I’ll take my turkey baster out there with some whiskey in it and do the deed myself. This bird. This bird is a VERY big bird. I’m sure he will put more damage to me than I to him without that whiskey. Getting it in him…another feat I must ponder.

    Turkey for Christmas. That is my goal. Wish me luck. 😉

    • Christine, your hubby is not alone. I have a couple friends who are raising turkeys and fell victim to the charm of these quirky and curious birds. So no turkey dinner for them either, granted they are still discussing the birds’ appearance on the Christmas menu, but I bet there will be a meat substitution based on their past resolve. Thanks for the kind comments and visit and let’s hope this cold snap doesn’t stick around too long.

    • Claire, I’m finding pillow fill all over the house. Time to pitch Cloud 9 before my vacuums gives up. Here’s to some rain for California and some warmer days.

  2. You may have ice, but I still see green grass! Today I will try to avoid the single digits outdoors and do some baking (maybe a pie?) with two bulldogs at my feet. Keep warm, Tom!

    • Yes, one of the Frenchies is Midge, my daughter’s dog. Pipi’s breeder will have puppies in mid-December and I desperately want one. My plan was to get “the back-up dog” now that Pipi is a remarkable 13 1/2 years old. But after seeing how Pipi has reacted to Midge, I just can’t bring another puppy into the house 🙁

  3. Hi Tom,
    Love your pictures! I also vote for more pies, less turkey next year. Crazy mad here trying to get the castle in shape for Christmas. My grandsons will be visiting this year from Texas and since I haven’t seen them in 5 years, I just want everything to be special. Yep, I know “chill out gram” right? Take care Tom, please keep posting to get us through the holiday madness.

    • Margaret have a great time with your grandsons, they sure are lucky to have a gram” like you! Nothing better in my book than a doting, loving Grandma. Merry Christmas!

  4. Freezing temps here in the Willamette Valley, with a dusting of snow this morning. Definitely soup weather. Hmmm…turkey soup? Love your pics. Your house looks like fun.

  5. Joumana, Boz and Gracie would be none too please with fowl afoot. The two of them are supreme deer dispersers (thanks to my treat-inspired training) and unfortunately that has translated to chasing anything or rather any non-human thing that moves. I would likely have to put the Turkeys behinds an electric mesh poultry fence, though heritage turkeys are good flyers, and for their sake I hope fast flyers. Good luck on your coop; there’s nothing like fresh eggs.


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