Growing Vegetables

When Silence Was (and Beets Weren’t) Golden

Boz: "Treats? Uh, I don't think so." I don't deny as a kid  I was a little different (I'll keep adulthood out of this debate),...

What’s at Stake: Pole Beans Need Your Support

closeup of pole bean trellis
Boz is a big fan of green beans and the pole bean trellis (but for different reasons). Lucky for me, the green beans form  two...

Sugar Snap Peas: More Peas for Your Pod

snap pea vine and blossom
The snap pea is an exceptional, easy-to-grow legume. The day I discovered sugar snap peas was the day I broke up with snow and shelling peas. We...

How to Make a Tomato Trellis: A Cagey Alternative

Tomatoes need our support.  (You trying maintaining vertical with 10 pounds of green, red orbs hanging off your branches. ) Some people cage them...

Growing Tomatoes: When Plants Are All Legs

trellis for tomatoes in a row
Uh oh Boz, I know that look, the scowl of an unhappy bulldog, judging me for taking too long to plant all of my tomato starts. (Gracie...

Makah Ozette Potato: Hash Browns With a History

makah ozette potato
Plants that taste good have legs (and in some cases wings). If they strike our palate's fancy, the world becomes their oyster (or serving dish...

Sweet Meat Squash: Stores Well, Tastes Great

sweet meat squash
If I only had one culinary pumpkin or winter squash to grow,  Sweet Meat would be it. For some varieties, beauty is only skin deep. Their color,...

Fortex: Best Mess of Green Beans Growing

fortex green beans
Now that I've got you thinking about seed catalogs let me provide you with Tom's two cents on some of the prizes found on the...

The Best Seed Catalogs: Eye Candy & Hope for the Gardener

My Favorite Seed Catalogs When friends ask, “So Tom, what are you reading these days?” I have to skirt the truth. I cite something I’ve read...

Picking Favorites: Great Tomatoes for Puget Sound

northern exposure tomato
Don't let cool summers keep you from growing the season's finest garden treat. Of all the tomatoes I planted this year, here are some my...