Home Gardening Homegrown Postcard: Dahlias by the Bucketful

Homegrown Postcard: Dahlias by the Bucketful

Homegrown Postcard: Dahlias by the Bucketful

Dahlias, stealing the show, one stem at a time…

tall clover farm dahlias

Dahlias and distractions take center stage today. For once, I’m a loss for words and eager to get outside.  So here’s a little sunshine in a bucket for you as I’m heading out the door to secure a hearty hug from the final days of summer. The breeze is light, the sun determined, and the garden offers an encore performance at every turn.

bulldog butt and a bucket of dahlias and zinnias

I title this shot: Beauty and the Beast.

Tom Watering DahliasCaught by island Paparazzo; my friend Crystal snapped this shot on her way to town (undoubtedly, of my best side).


  1. I wish I had access to flours like this! I have acquired a book on edible flours and I had no idea so many of them were edible and could make a dish look so exquisite! Ever thought of starting a flower business?

  2. GORGEOUS! I have been following your blog since moving my business to the island. Your posts always bring a smile to my face. Thank you!


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