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Someone’s Sitting in My Chair…

Boz with his eye on the pie
Boz with his eye on the pie and no time for small talk.

Boz and Gracie, my beloved bullies, are never short of entertaining antics.  So when my friend Nancy stopped by for the last slice of my homemade pumpkin pie, Boz took issue with the interloping nature (in his eyes) of her visit. First of all, I paid more attention to Nancy than to Lord Bosworth, and then she sat down in his captain’s chair, the one that faces me directly at the table, and provides a perfect platform for his ample chin, judgemental glare and incessant whimpering for a treat. The final insult came when he realized Nancy was eating his pumpkin pie. It must have been his, she was in his chair was she not? And the pie was on the table in his spot, the best corner of begging real estate in the house.  Boz hopped up on the all-too-tiny, back-up chair to go eye to eye with this brazen little blonde hussy sitting in his chair, eating his pie.

Here’s how it went down.

Nancy tries to convince Boz, “See, you won’t like this; it’s pie. It’s people food.” (As if that’s a rule around here.)
Boz and Nancy 1
Cold shoulder: Boz is having none of it,”Oh like a quick scratch is going to make everything better.”
Boz and Nancy 2
In his final appeal, Boz turns to me and channels his lone wolf wail, and gives me the look–the bulldog ultimatum: either she goes or I do.

Now as for Gracie, she greeted Nancy, backed in for a couple butt rubs, and then sashayed back to the arm chair for a few winks of beauty sleep and a couple dreams of beach time with Tillman, the World’s Fastest Skateboarding dog.

The princess and the pea.
The princess and the pea.
Good she's gone. All is right with the world, Boz's world that is.
“Good, she’s gone.”  All is right with the world (Boz’s world that is).


    • Susan, I’ve come to believe I just rent a room in Boz and Gracie’s house. I serve at the pleasure of my bulldogs. Good thing I never had kids. It’s difficult for me to say no.

  1. My guess is that if that had been cake Nancy was eating Boz would have been up on the table fighting for it;-) Can Miss Gracie climb up on her throne all by herself?

    • So true Karen, cake would have pushed Boz over the edge, and the cake plate flying, as has happened in the past. As for Miss Gracie, she’s an agile girl, and as long as there is some luxurious fabric to dig her nails into, she can bound up anything upholstered no matter how high the cushion. Boz…not so much.

  2. Ohhhh my goodness Tom….sounds like our household except we now have one very queenly cat! Thanks for a great laugh at your 4 legged friends! Once when we had company over for dinner, and because I was not focused solely on her royal highness, she bite my foot – twice, during a lively conversation with our friends. I must say, after that she had my most undivided attention. Well, we sure know who is king in your household, and may you never forget Boz’s dessert ever again…I am certain then all will be forgiven! He most definitely was giving you the “ultimatum” lol!

  3. This could have been a description of the dynamic of my two dogs… one knows how to be a dog, the other is absolutely convinced she’s a person. Thanks for the great story.


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