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High Fashion Goes to the Dogs


Boz & Gracie Sport a Slicker New Look

rain slickers for my dogs

Boz and Gracie enjoy taking time to smell the flowers while showing off the latest in farm fashions.

Uh oh, I can hear the rumblings and see the eye rolls now; Tom’s taken to dressing up the dogs. (Well, I do live alone.) Actually I’ve only done it once, and that was to keep up appearances for a couple purebreds hellbent on a poker game at our place. (They insisted on a business casual.)

Boz is not quite sure if the cape is better at repelling rain or enhancing canine powers.

Boz & Gracie have never been prisoners of fashion. Sure they don a nice top-stitched leather collar and lead once in a while, but bonnets,  wigs and jumpsuits are costumes best left to insecure Poodles and dogmatic  Chihuahuas. For the most part,  and Tartan aside, the only thing Boz and Gracie like to feel on their back is a reassuring pat and occasional bum scratch.

Always the lady, Gracie makes fast work of a plastic pot with nary a collar out of place.

Last week after talking to my Mom about our poor run of weather,  I mentioned to her Boz and Gracie’s reluctance to exit the house for anything less than a sunny day. With a Seattle rainfall record in March, and April playing out to be the all-time coldest April on record, the bullies are bearish on getting soaked and chilled.

bulldogs and dandelionsA couple of dandy lions among the dandelions.

One week later a parcel arrives and my pups are staying high and dry. Thanks to my Mom’s design, pattern-making, sewing skills, and sense of style, Boz and Gracie have been outfitted with rain capes worthy of Burberry and London Fog.

And while summer tends to be a dry season in the Pacific Northwest, it’s also the beginning of Dungeness Crab, fried chicken and rib season. Bulldogs permitting, I believe I’ve found another use for these handsome capes (and yes, it would appear Boz and I share the same neck size).

Thanks Mom, from Boz, Gracie and the Guy with the bib.


  1. Oh NOOOOO! You share your neck size with the bull dogs? Also there’s something about the fried chicken that made me giggle. I giggled quietly, since I’m visiting from work.

  2. Good thing I didn’t take a snapshot of a rib-eating me, not pretty, very caveman. My camera would have never survived the saucy experience. As for fried chicken, I’m working to perfect it, at least my version. So far double dipping in buttermilk and an double super secret (not) flour mixture is winning my fry pan battle in Seattle.

  3. A spectacular spectacle! Daffodil yellow slickers. B and G really look cute in them and they seem to really love them as I witnessed in person several days ago. Way to go MOM and once again a cute article Tom.

  4. Boz and Gracie look amazing in these yellow rain coats. Very nice idea that of yours finding additional use for those capes! Perfect timing enjoy your crab season. I think ours is over here in the Dock of the Bay.

  5. 1– i can’t believe i find your pups cute, but i absolutely do. it might have something to do with your…
    2– fabulous job of naming your critters. 🙂

  6. Tom, those capes are priceless on Boz & Gracie – good thing you’ve found multiple choices for how to use these fashionista pieces my friend 🙂 Now.., stop being greedy OK & hand me a piece of chicken 🙂

  7. I laughed until I had tears with this post! I don’t know who looks better in the capes, you or the dogs. Thanks for starting my morning out right.

  8. Your dogs are adorable and I do enjoy when you feature them in your posts, but why do you assume that poodles are insecure? It’s time to put those rumors to rest. My standard poodle, Splash, cannot stand anything on her back. And she’ll take a good bum scratch anytime. But she will not move if you try to put so much as a blanket on her. She is all dog in her prancing glory!

    • Monika, you are so right, what a cheap shot, picking on the poodles. They are awesome dogs, several on the island are proof of that, and I assume Splash is one exceptional pooch as well. So here’s to brilliant, beautiful poodles everywhere, and next time Iwill think before I type, and no offense to Chihuahuas either. Lo siento mucho mis amigos.


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